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Posted on Saturday, December 24th, 2011 at 11:37am CST by a9645104

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I've been a customer of icici bank for over 5 years. They have been pathetic many times. But recently their implementation of one time password has just annoyed me too much that i'm going to close this account as son as I can and never recommend it to any of my friends/family members.

In the name of security, Icici bank introduced a new pain in the ass feature "one time password" whenever the user tries to access the bank's website from a different location using a different device (iphone/laptop/ipad etc). This one time password is sent to the mobile number that was registered with icici during account opening.(For old customers this could be old and unoperational no). ICICI took the liberty of enabling this feature without notifying customers and without giving them a chance to update their phone numbers. Without the one time password, the user just can't access his account online.To make matters worse, ICICI doesn't allow to update phone numbers online/via phone. One has to go to bank's branch in india with identity proof documents.In this age of online media, who wants to go to icici's branch. We are taking new strides in technology and ICICI going one step back.This is impossible for those living/travelling oustide india. HA HA..The new security feature is so strong that even icici customers can't access their own accounts..What I don't understand is that how many stupid layers of security the brainless icici jerks want to have. They already have (User name & password, a seperate password for transactions). If a hacker is smart enough to get these passwords he can also get the one time password somehow. ICICI is ridicoulsly pathetice. And the customer care service is so damn automated that one just can't get his things done. I spent more than 20 mins 2-3 times and could get to speak to a human being...One time I got lucky and the icici represntative tells me that he can't do anything(he can't give me one time password and I'll have to visit a branch to update my phone number).What is next?? A blood or urine sample from customers to access their accounts...No way I'm continuing with ICICI bank. I'm going to India in march and I'll close my account and tell every friend/family to review their relationship with icici bank which is a gigantic pain in ass.


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ICICI Bank Customer C., 2012-01-03, 01:39AM CST


Please write to us with your contact details at [email protected] and we will get in touch with you at the earliest in order to address your concern. Kindly refer "2540970" in the subject line.


ICICI Bank Customer Service Team.

6e6fa7de, 2012-03-15, 07:57AM CDT

This is the worst feature ICICI have added, I am out of India and now I cannot access my account. I called up to ICICI to get the OTP, those fools ask me details of each payee added in the account. Who can remember all the payee names? I will close the account as soon as I reach India. The worst thing they don't have toll free number for most of the countries.

5f77b9be, 2012-06-26, 04:47AM CDT

I did experience the same with ICICI & many other bad services from the bank. After 5 years of dissatisfaction I finally switched to a different bank and completely satisfied now..

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