Ameritex Movers - Ameritex Movers are terrible!

Posted on Saturday, December 24th, 2011 at 5:03am CST by 99acd990

Product: Apartment Movers

Company: Ameritex Movers

Location: P.O. Box 154485
Irving, TX, 75015, US


Category: Other

I would not recommend Ameritex Movers to move your possessions. I had a nightmare of an experience with them. Had contacted them to move my items from my house to an apartment and when the movers showed up, they would not take a check and said I had to pay them up front. The mover said either cash or credit card. I did not have cash so gave them my credit card.

The Ameritex Mover took out a tube of Chapstick and put my credit card under one of those old carbon copy credit card slips and proceeded to roll the tube of chapstick across the carbon slip to get my card imprint. Now the mover (who spoke broken English) had a copy of my credit card - great!

Ameritex Movers did not shrink-wrap any of my furniture like movers in the past had done. I had a large antique dresser and they simply pushed it on hand-cart with no blanket around it or anything and loaded it. I asked them if they could shrink-wrap the furniture items and the mover said they didn't have any shrink wrap.

Before we took off, the Ameritex Mover asked me which route I was going to take to my apartment. I told him the shortest route and he said, no, that trucks are not allowed on Marsh Lane (which is untrue) and he said they had to go a different, longer route.

On the way there, they drove very slowly and I know they were doing this to burn up more time since I was paying them by the hour. When we arrived at the apartment complex, one of the movers started chatting with one of my neighbors when he should have been unloading. They unloaded very slowly and only one guy worked, the other guy never unloaded or moved anything and know they were doing this to stretch a two hour move into three hours.

Later, I called Ameritex Movers office and spoke to the manager, a lady named Rose. I complained to her that they had moved very slowly and took the long way to my apartment and only one guy worked when we arrived at the apartments. I felt I should have only been billed for two hours and requested one hour's worth of time be credited to my card; she refused to do this.

Later in unpacking my items, I found that there was a box missing which contained office items. I had checked the back of the truck when they were done but did not check the truck's cab and I guess this is where they had it. Again, I called Amertiex Movers office and spoke with Rose. She refused to do anything about it and would not even offer to speak with the movers.

I should have checked the Better Business Bureau's website before I had moved as later I found that Ameritex Movers have 30 complaints against them with the BBB and a negative rating. Avoid Ameritex Movers as they are terrible. They have offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio.


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