Depaul University - DePaul University is a Scam!!!!! They will scam you out of your money!!!!

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I want my $60,000 in loans back. This school has caused me a lot of stress over the past nine months with their refusal to correct the FX and F grades that I received for withdrawing from a couple of classes due to health problems. They said I did not send in the withdrawal forms, which I did. Then they said I waited too long to inquire about the status of the withdrawals, which I proved wrong with multiple emails dated back over a year. I even showed them an email of me informing an instructor of my intention to drop her class. Still, they are still refusing to change the grades. I know they made the mistakes, because too many students have complained on about their mistakes. Plus, two of my instructors tried multiple times to get a grade changed on my transcript, but couldn't at first. They had to submit multiple forms and send emails before the school changed the grade. I have the email proof from them of their struggle to get a grade changed on my transcript. I believe that is enough to prove that it is something wrong with the school not me. They did not even accept the forms from their own employees so why would they accept my withdrawal forms? This situation has caused me a lot of stress. This school is wrong and they know it. Those grades will stop me from going to a decent grad school and attaining a good job. They know am right. I just found out that this terrible school is holding my diploma by stopping the degree conferral process. I should not have to pay for a degree I will not receive. I am attaching reviews of current and former students complaining about the administration mistakes.

Reviews of DePaul University from

Person 1 (9/10/2011) - Administration: In a role reversal, you (the student) have to keep a watchful eye on what can only be described as kindergarten class run amok (the administration). Without keeping that Sauron-like gaze on your counselors, assistant deans, and other administrators, your course choices, graduation plans, transfer credits, or student organizations can easily get fouled up. Whoops.

Person 2 (1/11/2008) - i have a lot of friends who went to this school, but despite some good faculty, it sucks as a school and a campus. Really small, with obnoxious security personnel, and an inept administration.

Person 3 (2/18/2009) - Advising. My advisor in the school of ed, Cheryl Massey, is NEVER available. I've called her, e-mailed her, left messages and stopped by her office and have only been able to reach her ONCE. And the time I did meet with her, she rushed me out of her office so fast, I barely was able to speak with her about what I came for. Note: I just received an e-mail that she's taken a leave of absence and I've been assigned a new advisor. Hopefully that one is better.

Person 4 (4/4/2009) - The financial aid department is the picture of incompetency. Someone messed up my paperwork in my last semester when I was student teaching and because of this I was unable to get a student loan for it. Rather than sending me a bill, DePaul throws me into a collection agency and I hear from the agency rather than DePaul informing me that I owe 6000 dollars!! EVERY quarter I battled the financial aid department with some problem that was usually their fault... and every quarter I left countless voicemails to people who did not return calls ( My friends and I used to joke that no one actually worked in the financial aid dept.)

4. Last, but not least, the staff was pompous, for lack of better words.

Person 5 (7/26/2011) - I've heard some really good things about this school which made me consider it as an option for a grad program. However after dealing with the admnistration--Me thinks not.

I have never experienced such disorganized, rude, half arsed employees. Regarding one issue, ONE, I have been told about a dozen different things. Its like they just tell you what ever *** pops in their heads at the time and hope that they guessed right!!! I dont know if its children or what answering the phones, but whoever they are, they act as though they dont know they are on the planet.

I asked a simple question and then the young woman on the other end replied "So let me see if I understand--you want to (insert completely and totally unrelated issue here)." WHAT??? Thats not what I said at all! And seriously, we went through this about 4 times during the convo.

Person 6 (7/20/2011)- The gripe:

Financial aid is a horrible experience at DePaul. I have gone to three colleges and DePaul has, by far, the worst financial aid department. It got so bad that for one term I had to seek out a private loan to cover the term because FA did not take very good care of me and deadlines were missed. I had some personal health issues which triggered my tardiness but the problem is that DePaul uses their own private bank and the have stringent rules. So instead of tacking the cost of the prior term to the next quarter I had no other option but to seek out a private loan.. It was wretchedly awful and I don't understand why their stringent bank would not pay for a prior balance?. If I already had their bank pay for two or three terms prior I don't see why they wouldn't allow some sort of exception/. It was simply unnecessary and I almost missed the deadline to register for classes in order to continue pursuing my degree without interruption|.


There are too many people working at DePaul which, I believe, has resulted in too many people who are not on the same boat so to speak;. I have had one mentor tell me one thing while someone else tells me something that contradicts the other,. It's very frustrating for a student, such as myself, to pursue a degree and to run into these perpetual problems on an ongoing basis?. Students of DePaul know very well of what I speak of;.


I am posting the letter they sent me saying they could not help even if they are at fault.


We're receiving your emails but I'm sorry to say that the decision of the Exceptions Committee stands. We will not be able to withdraw you from these classes now. The email that you received from the Exceptions Committee explains that these courses are too old to change. If you had followed up at the time, you could have rectified the problem but at this late date, we can't fix any mistakes (whether they were yours or ours). We were able to do so once before for you but that's the limit of such changes that the university will allow us to make so long after the registration. In the future, please review your computer record regularly to determine that changes you've requested in your registration have gone through accurately.

XXXXX, I have another piece of bad news about the grade change. I had promised to contact Yelena Vayneberg but I am unable to reach her as she no longer teaches for the university. As she was the instructor, she is the only one who can verify the grade change. I'm sorry that we won't be able to fix that either. If you request Pass/Fail grading from instructors in the future, please confirm with them their understanding of your grade, later in the quarter.

We're sorry that you are so disappointed in DePaul. There are limits to what we can do for students although we try to help in any way that we can. We hope that your health is good in the future and that you will not be forced to withdraw from classes. Please rely on the academic calendar, rather than personal conversations for the most accurate information about all deadlines.

Take care, XXXXX. And congratulations on all that you've accomplished.


Susan C. Reed

Associate Dean for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Associate Professor

School for New Learning

DePaul University

I crossed my name out with XXXXX. I am only using the associate professor name to prove that I did not fake this letter. This letter is NOT a personal attack on her.

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Alexis, 2014-12-23, 07:34PM CST

I definitely regret going to DePaul University. They promised me a job before graduation as long as I did A, B, and C. But to no avail, no job AT ALL in MY field (finance)!! I am about 70,000 in debt more or less, and I WANT MY MONEY BACK, PRONTO!! I haven't had a job in my field since I graduated in 2011, and here it is ALMOST 2015. My dad even took out a Parent Plus loan for me and he has a BIGGER debt than I do! I should have drop out my first year, had I known this was a scam to get me in school. You got me AND my dad stuck in debt FOR LIFE!! DePaul, YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A LIAR AND CHEATER. GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!!!! I WILL HAVE NO CHOICE TO SUE YOU DEPAUL UNIVERSITY IF I HAVE TO!! I PROMISED YOU!!

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