- SocialMediAdd Scam Sells Fake Twitter Followers Facebook Fans and Linkedin Connections

Posted on Thursday, December 22nd, 2011 at 6:59am CST by cffa1112

Product: Add 1000 Followers to Twitter accounts


Location: 4501 magnolia

Category: Online Scams claims to be a marketing company that specializes in social media. They advertise that they will add likes to your Facebook Fan page, connections to your Linkedin account, subscribers to your YouTube account and followers to your Twitter account. Their website states

that they follow all Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter rules and regulations and claims that the company is a member of various trade organizations, including the American Marketing Association.

Using a discount coupon they sent via email, I purchased a Twitter package from on Dec 2, 2011; the package was for 1000

Twitter followers. During the first three weeks they added only 38 followers to the account so I contacted support. Support gave a an answer that I knew to be lie so I contacted the CEO, Brandon, via email and told him they needed to complete the job prior to the 28th. He did not

respond to my email, but by the next day they had added 1049 Twitter followers to the account, however, when I checked the followers it was apparent that they were not real.

I've worked in web development and internet marketing industry since the mid 1990's and employed as an internet marketing director or search marketing company manager since 1998. In order to facilitate my job I use several browser plugins that add data to the Twitter timeline. The

additional data makes it quite obvious when users are fake, and I routinely use it to verify that department employees are getting quality followers for their accounts. As SocialMediAdd was adding the first 38 accounts I checked them and they appeared to be legit, however the last 1000+ were not. lists their office address on as being 4501 Magnolia Cove Dr #201Kingwood, TX 77345. When I looked it up on Google Maps Century 21 is shown iin that location instead of streetview was not available so I called the business at that location. They have never heard of SocialMediAdd. I also contacted AMA to see if they really are members and I'm waiting for their response.

The company claims to be experienced, however their domain was registered for the first time in July of thid year.


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