Best Buy - Best Buy could not honour our Buy!

Posted on Thursday, December 22nd, 2011 at 1:21pm CST by e4cf09c7

Product: Panasonic 50 plasma TV GT30

Company: Best Buy

Location: CHARLOTTE, NC, 28277, US

Category: Stores, Shopping

Worst experience !! Never going back to Best Buy!!

Ordered a 50" Plasma Panasonic TV GT30 on Nov 13. They said the TV was back ordered and should arrive on 7th Dec. We bought the entire package ( installation, extended warranty, tv mount and tv furniture). No one calls us on 7th Dec. from Best Buy. Instead we get a call from Geek Squad saying they are on their way for installation. We tell them no TV and call Best Buy, only to know the shipment has not arrived and will take another 4 to 5 weeks. They keep asking us if we want to cancel our order. ( don't they need business???) I guess not...Next day we get email, TV will be delivered on 21st DEC. Its confirmed by the delivery person on 20th Night that we would be delivering next day. 21st morn. we get call from him. 'TV not reached warehouse'. pls. note there is no communication whatssoever from Best Buy.. We again call them in afternoon nad we are told the shipment did arrive the TV is on truck for delivery. Should reach by 7pm. When no one comes till 8pm, we go to store and we are told very cooly.. someone lied to you!! There is no TV in the warehouse. They were reluctant to give us any compensation. kept asking us if we wanted to cancel the order..we told them as compensation for our time,money give us the same tv in 55" size which was in stock. thry refused... ultimately,we just cancelled our order.. today we lost so much time..and are without TV...Hopeless Service!!


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