Docomo - Unethical Deduction by Docomo

Posted on Friday, December 2nd, 2011 at 1:59pm CST by 5c9ae420

Product: Docomo

Company: Docomo

Location: Nagpur, Ma, 440008, IN

Category: Other

On 2nd december 2011,I was surfing through the net on my phone when I received a message stating that rs. 99 have been deducted from my account. Message was from ta-huwwap which read like this: "thanks for downloading java game: fashiofun. You have been charged rs. 99.0/-. When I contacted customer care and reported incorrect deduction they said that they have no information about beneficiary of the deduction and just kept on telling me that you were using internet at the time of deduction which proves that you have downloaded or activated( even he was confused what fahiofun is) a java app for which 99/- Have been deducted. This was his only answer for 38 minutes I was on call. He even refused to file a complaint even after I asked him to give me a method through which I can prove that I have not downloaded any app. In addition to this I was also told that another 10 rs have been deducted for some game. This is just unethical. As this incident happened on friday night I cannot even call nodal office.


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