The Extra Reading Company - Abusive customer service

Posted on Friday, December 2nd, 2011 at 8:00pm CST by a95457bd

Product: Educational material

Company: The Extra Reading Company

Location: US


Category: Other

My dear friend Bridget is an elementary school teacher. She contacted The Extra Reading Company several weeks ago about purchasing a subscription to their website. Their pricing is "make us an offer". She made an offer and it was rejected, rudely. She was then berated by the customer service rep in a series of bizarre and nasty emails. She posted a warning to her other teacher friends as well as a transcript of the exchange on her Facebook page, where I saw it. I decided to spread the word on my own, and posted a link on Reddit. The story made it to the front page, and all of the negative attention got the attention of Joshua Mason, the founder and CEO of ERC, who proceeded to post (and then delete) a profanity filled rant about Bridget that really has to be read to be believed. All was quiet for a couple of weeks after that, and then earlier this week, Bridget and myself received several threatening emails, and I received one threatening text from Mr. Mason. He also emailed the principal of Bridget's school, and the president of her school board, and has threatened to do the same to my employers. If you're interested in seeing the original email exchange and Mr. Mason's Reddit post, you can see them here:


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2fddf6f7, 2011-12-08, 08:44PM CST

Looking at the link above, the original post on Reddit was removed after the CEO of ERC repeatedly threatened and harassed the original poster. It is reposted elsewhere online. It can be found here:

Sadly, that one is missing the threatening letters that ERC sent to the Reddit poster. I'm sure they've been reposted somewhere.

64073f3b, 2012-06-22, 03:15PM CDT

This is the craziest thing I've ever seen. Do you have an update?

Teacher T., 2012-10-03, 04:28PM CDT

Yes. Joshua Mason was blocked from my districts email system last year for abusive and profanity laced emails to me after I purchased and the requested a refund the same day. He changed his email from @ERC to Victoria@ and emailed me ( by mistake) about his websites updated. I responded to him that I was reporting his new address to my districts tech dept. He replied with two paragraphs of calling me a child molester, retarded and the not so nice term relating to homosexuality. He's not a nice person!

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