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Posted on Saturday, December 17th, 2011 at 6:05am CST by d5e5eb74

Product: Napa Car Care repair centers

Company: Napa Car Care Autocare

Location: Circle 75 Parkway, SE
Atlanta, GA, 30339-3050, US


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Next day, I drive to NAPA Car Care across the street from Les Schwabe in Yuba City, CA. I ask about shock absorbers......they say they replace them. Since I have never replaced my shocks on my van, I decided that it would be kinder to the front end (whatever it needed) that I'd have them replaced. They order my shocks. The NAPA parts store and warehouse is directly behind this NAPA Car Care. The front shocks get installed and then there seems to be a long delay with the rear shocks which prompts me to ask what the problem is. The service guy from the front desk then informs me that they will using smaller diameter bolts to install the new rear shocks. I ask him how he is going to accomodate the larger holes in my axle bracket for these new shocks, since the older shocks had larger bolts. He looks perplexed....huh? Then some other mechanic who was older and talked louder, and appeared to know his mechanics........says, Gabriel Shocks (the new ones) allow service technicians to "drill out" the bushings in the Gabriel shocks to accomodate the various vehicle requirements.......HUH? I told him, in front of his co workers that I never heard of such a thing.

Well, I got my van back when it was done. I was so bothered with this nightmare, that I neglected to get my spare keys which had been in the ignition when I arrived (on a chain). NAPA Car Care still must have them. I had told the mechanic that did the work that modification of suspension parts is unheard of anywhere. He seemed to look as though he agreed. I did get a NAPA Car Care warranty form that warranteed the work and associated parts. I can see that the NAPA Car Care shop did drill out the rubber and steel bushings on the shocks, since there is an inspection hole that allows one to see this........SO THERE IS NO RUBBER OR STEEL BUSHING THROUGH THE YOKE OF THE SHOCKS WHERE THE LARGER BOLT ATTACHED THESE GABRIEL SHOCKS TO MY AXLE !

A call to Gabriel shock absorber company (Daniel) revealed that Gabriel will not warranty my new Gabriel Shocks with any modifications to them.

AND....the PART NUMBER on the box for these shocks was not the correct part number for my vehicle. Now I have the wrong parts on my vehicle and they have been modified......DO YOU BELIEVE THIS? The corporate folks at Gabriel are sure "shocked", to say the least.

A call to the California Bureau of Automotive Repairs was made and I am instructed to file a formal complaint with all pertinent information, which includes mechanical inspections, photos and witnesses.

Calls to NAPA AutoCare (Golden, CO. were made 720-889-8825 James) "They" are contracted group that is separate from NAPA (supposedly). This group acts as if they are only there to accomodate a customer, with a hint that they are not associated with the REPUTATION of NAPA or the work done by any of their "franchised" Car Care centers...........what? This group sort of acts like a "savior" to a customer to recommend that a customer go to ANOTHER NAPA Car Center to correct the work done.......HUH? Is this the WOLF GUARDING THE HEN HOUSE? How many new innocent folks will go to this NAPA Car Care center in Yuba City, CA and get screwed with no real corrective action being done?

I have been a customer of NAPA for many years........NOT ANY MORE......PARTS OR SERVICE.

"Put up the sign and they will come" is not going to work in my case........this company shows NO RESPECT for customers that I can see.

I will push for the California Consumer Protection Group to have their Bureau of Automotive Repairs group to get my van repaired with the right parts PERIOD. In the meantime, due diligence is recommended for you and your friends and beyond.......let lots of our aerospace coworkers know the deal with this nonsense. Again, we the people have had enough.

The pictures attached show the incomprehensible work done at NAPA in Yuba City, CA. Nice eh? R


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