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Posted on Friday, December 16th, 2011 at 6:46pm CST by 03e4dc6a

Product: employee

Company: world wide vacations

Location: 1900 howell branch rd
winter park, fl, US


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this is a HORRIBLE company. If you want to talk about low lifes--that's them. I went to a job interview- and i got hired- they seemed really nice. The lady that interviewed me was very professional and polite. She asked if I could start the next day but I asked if I could do it on a tuesday. When I came back tuesday to start, I got the schedule hours and asked if it was possible that only on tuesdays i leave about 2 hours early to pick up a relative from something- she declined as if--no way--that's just not possible. Err I was surprised...this is a telemarketing room--of course they can have their own rules but I find it odd how they are so adamantly strict, however when I went in for interview they said no one was there on tuesday! everyone was missing and they were acting as u can't leave two hours early! under no conditions...which is fair on their part...they have that right to say that of course- as absurd as it is being that most of their employees were gone or missing. So, I asked the lady shanelle if she could please ask the owner if he could make an exception...she kind of rebuttled as if I was trying to scam her "I'm MARRIED to the owner" HMPH! you're trying to scam us type attitude...she kind of looked at me as if I was requesting for something major or did something really wrong...I was just trying to make a simple request..which was legitimate...and I said oh im sorry I had no clue...then she said I could leave and decide whether I could do that shift and call her back. Wow...I had to go through HELL trying to find someone who could pick up my relative and sure enough a day later I called her to tell her this...she responded with a "oh ok I'll ask the owner and see if he wants you to start the next day." Of course the B* never called me this economy times are rough and I was looking at MANY jobs and interviews, and was blowing off interviews thinking I had this job... Then I kept calling her back and when I called her back, she didn't answer...then I called again the next day and she didn't answer, then finally she said "well call me back friday b/c we're going to go ahead and traine veryone on monday--im not doing training right now im interviewing and REtraining people" (yeah right)...she could have just flat out rejected me rather than lead me on an entier week while I was looking for work...what a terrible person to do this to someone!

I kept calling friday then and got NO answer..finally I call her and of course she says..."oh we're not hiring anymore, and we'll be hiring after the 1st"...again...yeah sure??? they have tons of ads on craigslist that say "HIRING IMMEDIATELY START NEXT DAY"...I even asked her when I called back several times.. so you DO want to hire me right? you ARE hiring me right..she said YES...what a lie?? they had no INTENTION of letting me back and just lead me on all week...what sick messed up jerks and loser people..shame on them..what a ridiculous terrible company...companies in orlando are like this...shady stupid and weird...and just awful..not lenient by any means...if they say hey call us back if you can make the shift and you call back and they give you the run around all week and lie to you???? shame on tehse stupid people....horrid company for sure beware of it...if tehy treat job applicants this way, imagine what they're selling and how tehyre probably scamming consumers like most orlando "telemarketing vacation sales lame" companies do these days...In this horrid job dare they do this to someone...shame on these idiots..

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Husein M., 2014-07-11, 03:56PM CDT

Are you a Moran on you first day you where asking if you could go 2 hours early, if I was your boss I would ask you to ask your relative to offer you a job of cab driving.....dum ass.

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