United Healthcare (UHC) - United Healthcare's myUHC.com busted

Posted on Friday, December 16th, 2011 at 4:34pm CST by 04ca8d84

Company: United Healthcare (UHC)

Location: US

URL: http://myuhc.com/

Category: Other

I have tried for weeks to get a routine piece of paperwork off the myUHC.com website. I know how to find it. I can see the link. But it doesn't work. Clicking on what looks like it should download the PDF produces an error of "We're sorry but your request can not be completed at this time. Please try your request again later" or "<long pathname>/Downloads/getColdPdfMedicalEob.do could not be opened, because an unknown error occurred".

Every time I've tried for a month.

So I finally call the "technical" support line, and encounter three of the least competent "tech" people I've ever dealt with.

The first one tells me that it's all working fine on her end, and if I can't get the file to download from the Internet, maybe I'm using an old version of Acrobat Reader. (I'm not, but how could the Acrobat version matter when I don't have any files to open in the first place?!)

The second (a "supervisor") tells me that it's working fine on her end, and since everyone runs MS Windows, especially for legally protected confidential information (I'm not), I should reboot my computer system and maybe that will help (even though the computer has been rebooted three times in the last month, with no change in my ability to download these files).

The third (another "supervisor") tells me that since one of the two error messages says something about a .DO file (a Java application), then maybe renaming that file to .PDF will solve the problem (again: I DON'T HAVE A FILE THAT COULD BE RENAMED!).

Not one of these alleged "tech" people had ever heard of this thing called "Javascript", which is how the website figures out which PDF file it ought to be sending to my downloads folder.

Eventually, when I explain to the third person that what's been decorated to look like a regular link to a PDF is actually a javascript line that says "javascript:popupWoutCtrls(medEob);" even though her brain-dead IE-on-Windows computer can't show that fact to her and she has no clue at all how to parse the HTML files, she wonders whether I might not be using Internet Explorer on Windows.

Of course I'm not. I like a computer that actually works -- you know, a computer that only needs to be rebooted for some system software upgrades, not whenever you want to use it? -- and a browser that isn't actually famous worldwide for security problems.

So it turns out that despite their page "What browsers does this Web site support? saying that they support "Firefox versions 1.07 or newer", they lied. The recent versions aren't supported. (They also don't bother to tell you things like it won't work at all if you have javascript disabled.)

So at her urging, I switched to a version of Safari that was supposedly on the supported list, and it worked... sort of (if you don't mind displaying the file, opening it in another program, and then manually saving the file)... once. As soon as I hung up the phone, I got the same old error message: "We're sorry but your request can not be completed at this time. Please try your request again later."


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