J and S Used Transmissions - SCAM FALSE ADS

Posted on Thursday, December 15th, 2011 at 5:40pm CST by 7ef953ee

Product: Transmission

Company: J and S Used Transmissions

Location: 3105 Jensen Dr. Suite B
HOUSTON, TX, 77026, US

Category: Online Scams

I had posted some information in regards to a transmission I was looking for and was contacted via email by J&S used engine and spoke to Jason and Steve about a transmission that they had they quoted me a price of $895.00 I informed them both of them that I had not purchased the auto yet and I wasn't going to until I had a the numbers of how much this transmission was going to cost. They put it in an email which I will copy in this email that they had one and that they represented that it was in good working condition and that it was already tested and ready to ship. I asked both of them a number of times about the warranty and that it was tested and ready to go and they both reassured me that it was good to go. They gave me a shipping date and collected my credit card information and told me they were shipping the transmission Friday 12/09/2011 I called that Friday and they told me it wasn't going to ship until that Monday I called them again and they then told me it was going to ship Tuesday the 12/13/2011 I then called again and didn't get a answer I called again on Wednesday 12/14/2011 and still didn't get a answer then later that day I get a voicemail that the part they represented was not in working condition and that they could not fill the order. This is after they represented a number of times that it was already tested and worked and took all my Credit card info and sent me an invoice, not to mention this is after I paid for the auto. Now all the prices I am being quoted are more then double for this transmission. This is false advertising and very misleading. I am not only contacting your agency but I am also contacting the AG office in Texas as well.

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306c47a2, 2011-12-16, 08:48AM CST

The parts are pre-checked , but as I explained to the customer - we DO NOT charge credits on a part until it it re-checked prior to shipping. Upon re-checking the unit and finding a small crack in the case after steam cleaning the trans, we informed Mr. Matalka of the issue and was unable to supply a comprable unit. Instead of shipping a transmission with an issue, we thought it best to cancel the order and again WE NEVER CHARGED THE CREDIT CARD. If this was a "false company" or "misleading" then we would have charged the card and shipped a faulty unit. I dont really know what Mr. Matalka would like us to do, but if we find an issue with one of our used parts and we are not 100% comfortable with the unit then we will not ship it and we WILL NOT TAKE PAYMENT.

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