Net10 - Net 10 Can't Add Minutes To pHONE

Posted on Thursday, December 15th, 2011 at 6:16pm CST by 94c64094


Company: Net10

Location: US


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Can't add minutes. In October they made an offer of a new (reconditioned) phone. They said I COULD keep my old number and I could get a phone card (which I always purchased for $25 each month) for $25. I thought it was a good deal and ordered online the new phone.

Ever since I received this new phone there have been problems.

1. I couldn't keep the same number because they couldn't rewire my phone because they didn't show it was a valid number. I worked all day one Saturday and it didn't happen. I decided to keep the new number, thinking that was the only problem.

2. In Nov. when I tried to add minutes to my phone using the phone card Net 10 sent me I was told again that I did not have a valid phone number.

3. At this time they wanted me to call them from another #. I explained I did not have another number, this is my only phone, that I am disabled and have no way to get to another phone. They said they couldn't help me. I then spoke to a "supervisor" who told me my pin # (from the phone card they sent me) had been used in February 2011. She then told me I needed to call her from another phone or she could not help me. I explained to her that I am disabled with a heart condition and needed access to a phone immediately. She insisted that I needed to call from another phone. This was on a Sunday.

After several hours I became so frustrated that I could no longer deal with this.

My daugher called on Monday and fought with net 10 and its supervisors for most of the day and the minutes were added from their offices and everything was fine.

4. Now I can't add minutes again. I used the online tutorial to try to help. 1st they didn't show my phone as a working number (SAME OLD PROBLEM). I worked through that and the tutorial and was able to send myself an e-mail as the computer tutorial instructed, but then the computer returned me to the start page as if everything was fine.

5. I reentered the system and went through the same thing, sending myself an e-mail. Again, the computer dropped me as if my problem were solved.

6. I tried to add minutes, phone will not add minutes, message: system not available.

I am frustrated and can't deal with this. When my daughter called them last month they tried to pull the "YOU NEED TO CALL US FROM A DIFFERENT PHONE" STUFF WITH HER AND SHE SIMPLY REFUSED.

They tried to tell her that the minutes were used last Feb and she asked them how could that be when they sent the card in October, 2011.

I can't deal with this again. I plan to get another phone with my check in January.


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