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Posted on Thursday, December 15th, 2011 at 8:33am CST by bb2da13e

Product: HSH Nordbank Hamburg

Company: Christian Gruhne

Location: Kampmoortwiete 10 22117 Hamburg Germany
Hamburg, 22117, DE

Category: Other

Christian Gruhne, Kampmoortwiete 10 in 22117 Hamburg ,Trainee HSH Nordbank in 20095 Hamburg, employee Miniatur Wunderland in 20457 Hamburg is a fraud and a liar, but , although he has taken advantage of many people,he is particularly most alarming to the gay community as he seems to prey there as his most susceptible victims.

Christian Gruhne, Hamburg is a psychopathic scam artist, being dangerous and violent. He claims to be a victim of abuse himself, but he is an accomplished homosexual drague queen who both threatens and blackmails individuals for money, and everything connected with Christian Gruhne, goalkeeper in Hamburg, trainee HSH Nordbank in Hamburg is fraudulent.

Gruhne,Christian is originally from Hamburg,Germany. Christian Gruhne targets both strangers and acquaintances for his fraudulent activities. Although only trainee HSH Nordbank since some months he tried to get possession of customer checks and tries to encash this checks on the bank account of his friend. This happened at least 4 times.

He lies and he steals and he is apparently willing to stoop to any level or go to any extreme to rip off as many people as possible,actually capitalizing his trainee position on HSH Nordbank in Hamburg and Miniatur Wunderland, also Hamburg. He is well-known to law enforcement agencies.

Being a former acquaintance of Mr. Christian Gruhne, Kampmoortwiete in Hamburg, Germany, I strictly recommend that anyone who is contacted by this unbalanced and dangerous man Christan Gruhne should notify local authorities immediately and report his whereabouts. In my opinion, Christian Gruhne is a menace and a threat to society.

I decided to find out who this crazy person Christian Gruhne was, and I found posts from him trolling the internet looking for homosexual sex. How ironic that Christian Gruhne, Hamburg, trainee HSH Nordbank, crows his promiscuous exploits Christian Gruhne posts in public for the world to see. What kind of prospective bank assistant uses the same email address - [email protected] for his bank career that he uses also to hook up with guys on the so called "large penis gallery".

Please be aware of this individual Christian Gruhne, Hamburg, born 4. January 1991, and if you come in contact with him, you should immediatly run away.

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Carmen L., 2013-06-11, 09:55AM CDT

I have friends in Hamburg having been victim of Christian Gruhne, Trainee HSH Nordbank, also.

Friends sent me a video showing Christian Gruhne garbages in other people gardens. Nightly..sure.

Seems this Christian Gruhne,HSH Nordbank is a smalltown criminel because later Christian Gruhne pushed his girlfriend Pia Galatovic to false statements before trial.

I'm still in possession of the video proving Christian Gruhne s criminel behaviour and I met also several wittnesses who saw Christian Gruhne.

Take care when you ever have to do with Christian Gruhne, Kampmoortwiete in Hamburg, Germany.

And absolutely never trust Christian Gruhne when he should really become bank employee.

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