Verizon Wireless - Verizon Lying to Customers to Make a Dollar...

Posted on Tuesday, December 13th, 2011 at 2:34am CST by fbd2e12b

Product: Iphone 4G

Company: Verizon Wireless

Location: 30098 Haun Rd
Menifee, Ca, 92584, US

Category: Other

This is a formal complaint about the customer service I received at the Verizon Wireless Menifee store. This is the first formal complaint letter I ever wrote to any organization, entity, or individual, but is way overdue. I have been a customer of Verizon Fios for about a year and have been very happy with their service. So happy that I decided my next Iphone would be with Verizon. My plan was to upgrade to the 4S in December 2011, after receiving a big commission check. On November 10th, my Iphone broke so I went to the local Verizon store in Menifee (Haun location) to get some information. I bought insurance through AT&T but it expired the previous month as it was a two year warranty. I spoke with the branch manager Mike and informed him of my situation. Told him I want a 16G 4S, and was informed they only have the 4G. Told Mike I would take a 4G only if it came with a 30 day return policy as I wanted to buy a couple nice 4S Iphones for my wife and myself after December 1st. I was assured there is a 30 day return policy. I was then brought over to Jenn, the sales representative. Jenn is the young blond lady whom looks like she is about to have a wardrobe malfunction. If a lady dressed up like this at my work she would be reprimanded or terminated.

I informed Jenn of my situation and asked her what the return policy was. Jenn said you can return the phone within 30 days under her breath. I questioned her again as her response did not sound confident and again she reassured me. I remember at the time thinking it looked like she was lying but did not see why someone would lie about a return policy. She clearly knew there would not be any sale if the return policy was less than 30 days. I was hoping that either my wife would like the phone or I could return it and buy a nice 4S model in December for the both of us.

On December 5th, I went to the Verizon store to return the phone or upgrade. I went to the Temecula location as I was shopping in the area with my family. I was told that Verizon has a strict 14 day return policy. If you purchased the phone November 15th or later then customers were given an extended holiday return policy. I bought my Iphone in November 10th. I was shocked and then told, that I needed to drive 30 minutes away to the other store. I requested to speak with the Menifee branch and was connected. Jenn was not there nor was Mike the store manger I spoke too. I spoke with Maisha who is a manager and she repeated the same information and that it is against company policy to return a phone after 14 days. I informed her that it should be against company policy to lie, steal, and cheat the customers. She told me that I could do an alternative switch, where I add a second line and purchased the 4S. When I asked what I should do with the original 4G, Maisha informed me that she cannot answer that question over the phone and I needed to speak with the branch I was in. For the second time I was thrown away like a piece of trash. Just terrible, terrible, terrible service everywhere.

A few days later I went back to the Menifee branch and found out that Mike no longer works for the company. I assumed he either was fired for lying to customers or he did not like working in an environment where stealing and cheating the customers is encouraged. I asked for the district managers contact information so that I would send a formal complaint. I was told that it is against company policy for me to contact a district manager, and I need to speak with a manager first and there were no managers on duty. Maisha is the new store manager. I was also told that there must have been a communication problem and it is my fault. I noticed that for the first time I saw a security guard with a gun located in the store. I guess they have many unhappy customers so they must need extra security. I work for the largest bank in the country and we are located in the same parking lot and we do not have any security.

I believe I am capable of having informative conversations with people. I have a Masters degree in finance and I have the ability to understand the difference between 14, 30 days, and have the ability to manage a calendar. When I ask, what is the return policy? I am able to comprehend a number and understand how it applies to my situation. I am a financial advisor and my job is to help people manage their life savings and develop advanced financial strategies. In order to do this I have to effectively communicate the information and disclose all material facts. I have been a financial advisor for over ten years, and not one customer ever filed a complaint against me. This is all public information on FINRA. I work with a high degree of integrity and honesty. I expect to receive the same level of integrity and customer service that I provide from the companies I choose to work with. Unfortunately, some of the retail people at the Verizon Wireless store in Menifee are the most unethical, immoral, dishonest, pitiful, questionable, phone sales people in the industry. I have received TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE service from Verizon. I am located in the same parking lot and see the evil Verizon store every time I look out my office window. I have already begun to inform all my employees and customers about the terrible service I received. I am in the process of canceling my relationships with Verizon starting with my home phone. The service works good but it is the principal. I waited a week to write this complaint as I have calmed down a bit. I consider lying from professional to be to be a very serious offense and people must be warned about the criminal corporate culture I have experienced from the Menifee store in California.


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