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Posted on Tuesday, December 13th, 2011 at 6:54pm CST by 7bf02ada

Product: car

Company: white bear mitsubishi

Location: 3400 hwy 61 n
white bear lake, mn, 55110, US

URL: http://whitebearmitsubishi.com/

Category: Other

I have had nothing but problems with White Bear Mitsubishi. If you are looking for a vehicle DO NOT purchase one from them. I purchased my vehicle one year ago. In that time I have reported them to the better business bureau for poor practices and I am in the process of dealing with them yet again. It is my belief that one should not have this much interaction with a dealership. You should buy your car, return for service if necessary, the end.

Initially they misinformed the bank of my correct start date for payment. This caused a poor relationship with the bank from the beginning. Then my front struts went out on my vehicle. I called the extended warranty company only to find out White Bear Mitsubishi had given THEM incorrect information as well.....the warranty company had no record of me or my vehicle. Later when I brought the vehicle in to replace the struts I was asked if I was willing to wait. I answered yes and was shown to the waiting area. 4 HOURS LATER I asked the service department when I car would be ready, they were surprised that I was waiting and said they thought I was leaving the car. As you can imagine I was livid. Finally they told me the vehicle was just waiting for an alignment they said it would take an additional hour. Ten minutes later they came to me and said my vehilce was ready. I asked if the alignment was complete and was told yes. When I drove away my vehicle veared severely to the left, obviously no alignment had been performed.

After such poor service I called the general manager. I explained the situation and expressed my extreme frustration. He apologized. I told him I had to pay for my alignment out of pocket even though it was supposed to be performed and covered at his dealership. He reimbursed me for the alignment.

Recently I was pulled over and received a ticket for illegal window tint. I explained the vehicle was this way when I purchased it from White Bear Mitsubishi and was told to contact the dealership to have it removed and to pay the ticket cost. I contacted the dearlership November 14, 2011. The general manager, Richard, told me to come in to have this rectified. I went in to the dealership, ticket in hand. Richard then referred me to Sig who took a copy of the ticket, set up window tint removal and verified my address to send payment. I explained that the ticket must be paid by December 15th. Sig assured me that I would recieve the check well before that date. On December 2nd I still had not recieved the check. I called Sig and left a message inquiring about this. I did not receive a call back. Later, on December 8th after neither receiving a call back nor the check I called Richard the general manager and left a message. I did not receive a call back from him. Finally on December 12th I called Sig again. Sig answered and seemed confused as to why I had not received the check. He asked if he could call me back on the 13th when accounts payable was in. I agreed. He called back and informed me that they were unsure of my exact address and had decided not to mail the check to avoid confusion. He then asked if I could pick it up myself.

This type of service is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! I will never purchase another vehicle from this dealership and I will tell everyone I know that they should not purchase from them either!


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