Radioshack - Radioshack Black Friday Scam

Posted on Saturday, December 10th, 2011 at 10:58am CST by 7fdc7b3e

Company: Radioshack

Location: US


Category: Other

We waited in line on Black Friday for the Xbox360 w/ Kinect bundle. We were 3rd in line and they only had 1 Xbox in the store BUT they said to everyone who wanted one it would be ok because they would mail them, for free, to us. Should've known right there that we were being scammed but we waited so long that we had to take the chance. Well 2 days later of course we get a call that something went wrong and our orders didn't go through, and they were sold out of the Xbox and we would get a raincheck on them but not guaranteed by Xmas. However everything else that I purchased on the same order (that they also didn't have available) to have shipped went through just fine. So it was just the Xbox that didn't go through on my order, really? So they normally don't sell Xbox in their stores and somehow they are going to get more in stock? I don't buy it. They're not going to make my family wait around for nothing and collect interest on our money (and god knows however many more peoples) to just cancel our order months later because they will never get any more. I also don't buy that they would spend so much money to ship, for free, all these items to people when they could've just had them in the store to hand out? Makes no sense. Makes you think they never really had any in stock to ship to people to begin with...


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