kia midrand - Poor Service by the Manager himself

Posted on Monday, August 8th, 2011 at 10:59am CDT by 73ce74ed

Product: new kia Picanto

Company: kia midrand

Location: Olifantsfontein, midrand
Johannesburg, Mi, ZA

Category: Other


I am complaining about poor service I experienced from Christo, Kia Midrand Manager.

The reason Im not satisfied is that he does not have good communication skills needed at customer service.

When I came to buy the car which was just arriving in the country, i was expecting him to greet us and help us and his sales man to get the colour we were looking for. Actually what happens from the beginning was not sstisfactoey but I understood thst I knew much about the car before they about it becsuse everyday zivwould google news about it as they were still manufacturing it.Sales gentleman promised me of the colour then unfortunately it was not avsilable. I went to kia again with my friend to sign and see if the car had arriveds, snd found that there are other colours so sales man was asking the manager to help calling other branches.

But he would come out, with his hands in his pocket and just pass us. I was the first in South Africa to buy this new kia picanto because I bought it before it was even delivered in the country, before everybody new about it. I was following it since they spoke about it nov/dec 2010 that it was coming.

Secondly, it was my birthday and was the first to buy this new product in his branch.i think I deserve friendly service thou the sales guy Nash gave me the best service ever because it ws

Not his fault that cars are delayed by snow snd that my colour was not ordered from the factory.

I felt not welcome. It bothered me even 5 days later. Please let him know that the attituude affected me because I was proud that I was the first to buy this new product and coincidentally it was my birthday. I know people have been buying cars new model afta model but I think this one was different cos they knew I have been waiting for it since Audi drew it in Korea.

Thank you


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