Covad and Megapath - Internet Nightmare

Posted on Monday, August 8th, 2011 at 7:23am CDT by b0e7d05d

Product: DSL Internet Service

Company: Covad and Megapath

Location: New York, NY, US


Category: Other

Ours is a family run business and we have had Covad as our internet

providers since the last 2 years. Since July 23rd we have had a crazy time at work because

till date we are without any internet. The amount of business that we have lost cannot be

estimated. To add to the monetary loss, there has been immense stress and agitation as


To add to the agony, Covad and Megapath have not done anything to

assess the damage and take steps towards a rectification. Its ridiculous that such a huge

internet provider does not and cannot provide a backup plan for their customers. All they

can do is put their hands up. Their staff has only one answer every time we call, We are

trying to expedite matters but this is all we can do. We are extremely disappointed.

They offer us a credit for two weeks!! Thats not what we are looking forward to. We are

suffering from loss of business for all this time!

I hope management will take action for this serious matter.

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81aab147, 2012-06-01, 01:05PM CDT

I too am in the midst of a nightmare with Covad/Megapath. In January I upgraded my DSL speed and for the past 6 months have been double-billed, for the old circuit and the new circuit. The many times they told me there would be a credit on my credit card statement, only a new debit and not credit would show up. But that is the least of my problems right now. Last month I was without internet for 2 weeks. They didn't think the problem was on their end, so I payed a local computer company to come and take a look. It turned out it was a bad Covad router that had to be replaced. They gave me a window of time that they would be here, so I waited all day and nobody showed. I called and they said I had been rescheduled for the next day, yet nobody called me. I insisted that someone come that day and they showed up around 6:30pm. Got my new router, but now apparently when they processed the order for my new circuit, they failed to activate my domain name (which I register through them) with the new circuit. Therefore, I am now without any access to my business email for several days. After many calls and hours and trouble tickets, all departments claim that "it is not our responsibility". They are ignoring my trouble ticket and I am losing business every day. I wrote to the CEO when I could get no other response, but don't expect to hear from him.

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