Steve Quercio - Outlaw Monster Truck Spectacular Let Down

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Complaints regarding Steve Quercio 'Outlaw Monster Truck Spectacular' collected from fan response on the internet.

Monster Truck Show disappoints arena crowd

02/14/10 by Steve W Stewart Jasper, TX News

The fans came out to see the trucks and feel the rumble of horsepower; however, many left in disappointment after seeing the Outlaw Monster Truck Show and quad races in the Jasper Lions Club Rodeo Arena on Saturday evening.

The building was about 3/4 full of fans who paid $15.00 to $25.00 for tickets to see the show, which was promoted by Outlaw Monster Truck Spectacular of Victorville, California.

The fans came out to see the monster trucks, but they only saw a combined total of about five minutes of monster trucks in action, and about half of the crowd left during a 20 minute intermission, which began just a half-hour after the program started.

The rest of the show featured quad racing, which was provided by local 4-wheeler owners.

Representatives of the Jasper Lions Club pointed out on Monday that they were not associated with the event, they only rented the arena, and provided the staff that ran the concession stand.

Fall Nationals at Chafietz Arena in St. Louis

I dont complain about much on here but... Wow, just wow. I arrive at the arena expecting to see Bigfoot, Bounty Hunter, Big Dawg, and Tailgator. Instead I see Bigfoot, Bounty Hunter, Evolution, and American Thunder.

In wheelie, the Evolution and American Thunder trucks looked to give no effort, Bounty Hunter shouldve won but the crowd gave it to Darren Migues in Bigfoot who on the last wheelie, broke the rear driveshaft. Some how, for the finals in racing, Bigfoot somehow automatically got in even without running one round of racing. The finals were between Jay in Bounty Hunter, and Darren in the now front wheel drive only Bigfoot, Jay won. Now for freestyle...the American Thunder and Evolution trucks did nothing but drive around, then Jay came out in Bounty Hunter. About 45ish into the run, he flipped on the van stack and sent him into the side of the stands and WAS NOT SHUT OFF FOR A GOOD 5-10 SECONDS AFTER. Infact im not even sure they shut im off, im pretty sure Jay shut himself off. After the truck finally shuts down, they drag the truck across the floor on its lid trying to flip it back over. Then Darren came out and got some air and eventually got stuck on the van stack and tried getting off only being in front wheel drive, which in turn kept shooting random stuff off the stack onto the floor and into the air, and was not shut off either. Then while trying to get Foot off the stack they almost sent one of the arms from the fork lift flying and looked like they also damaged the front of the chassis, not sure on that though. Then the announcer(Mattaeu Isbill) LET HIS "crew" SIT IN THE BLOCKED OFF SECTION OF THE STANDS(the tarped off areas), which was right next to where Bounty hit the stands. Over all this was the most unprofessional and unsafe show i have ever been to. Everyone around me and my family were laughing at how horrible this show was for the most part, and most of the people around me left before the show was over. I have video to back up everything i just said so i will upload it if needed because im sure the announcers crew will edit most of it out to protect the show but it did happen. If anything i got more of a laugh and a scare out of the show than any actual motorsport entertainment.

EDIT: Also during their pointless 25 minute intermission to get Bigfoot fixed to get an automatic spot in the finals, they let people go onto the floor including kids to go get on the ride truck. Mind you that they didnt clean the floor so all the broken glass and metal was all over with the little kids walking on/by it all. VERY UNSAFE. I also know they didnt take the battery out of atleast one of the cars, so they most likely didnt drain and remove the batteries out of of all the cars...


Glad I didn't attend. If a real crew was running it , it would have ran a WHOLE LOT BETTER!

Of this so called "crew" Ive seen pictures of (through facebook pages) are the announcer Mattaeu Isbill and seemingly a few of his friends by the names of Adam Milich , Michael G. Breslin, and Andrew Dzurovcik. Now from the pictures ive seen Adam, Michael, and Andrew seem just like random unknowledgable of monster trucks people THAT SHOULDN'T BE WORKING THE SHOWS! Now Please Note, I'm not trying to bash anyone here and this is a legit question. But whats the Background on these guys? Honestly compared to those guys I'd rather have CycloneTimeTV kids working a show If I was the producer of an event.


So this is like, what, the 6th weekend in a row that somebody has been on here after being tremendously disappointed by an Outlaw show? I hope all involved with running these shows are taking the posts to heart, especially where safety is involved.


Here is the thing. Steve Quercio could put on amazing shows, but he is to cheap to pay for proper event directors. I am speaking from experience. The show that failed so badly in Lincoln a few months ago was ran by Greg Adams who had enough going on. I offered my services to direct the show and that fell thru after we failed to reach an agreement on pay. He did not think I should be paid at all. Fact is he knew my experience and that I could pull it off successfully, but a pitiful $150 was to much for him so I was a guest instead. I was one of the guest that walked out half way thru the show like many others because it was obvious that somebody was trying to get the maximum profit with minimal effort. So now instead of having a show that could have been profitable for many years to come, he will not be back. Which oddly enough will be better for the industry. I just feel horrible that Jimmys equipment has to carry some of this reputation.

C. Van Dam

I was there last night too. i agree the show was very unsafe the guy operating the RII looked like my 2 year old with the tv remote. darren and the bigfoot crew did the right thing when it came to safety knowing they wouldnt be able to put on much of a performance with front wheel drive. i would like to thank jay and the bounty hunter crew for picking up the slack when bigfoot broke the rear drive shaft.


Stephen the show that you attended was lack luster as far as format and track lay out but the show was not ran by my dad, GREG ADAMS. We were there to show up and do the show, collect the money from the track and do payouts to everyone then send steve's profits to him. The track was built by the tracks employees along with the car selection, and the show was ran by the track employees, I personally think that the track should have had more stuff to hit. along with bigger stuff to! yes we did have alot going on thru out the day with helping paul and kayla with kayla's truck, an the normal setup as you know to get things ready for the show. And yes you did offer your help to steve for the show. an its to bad you couldnt make a deal bc yes the show could have used everybit of help it can get. bc one you have experiance and the track employees who have never ran a MT show. an four MT drivers with a lot on there plates already. im just wanting to make it clear we wernt there to run the event we were there to do the normal show and collect the money for the show and do payouts. like you said that event could have been profitable for years to come if it had the flow and setup and all the good events should have. but when you have track employees with no experance to run and setup the event the way it should you will have that.

Jared Rogers

As Most Know , Ive been working some shows here and there with various promotions whenever I can. Haven't worked a Monster Jam under the label "club help" . Have had some luck and was on one for the St.Louis MJ a couple years back and personally had the back out due to family issue that came up. Since then its been tough getting on the Monster Jam club help . With that said I have had legit help on trying to get on the club help but then some "the yea whatever" routine from people at Feld. With what was said about this Outlaw Spectacular Show makes me respect more and more the "yea whatever" response. Because Monster Jam and whatever other PROFESSIONAL Monster Truck Company DOESN'T WANT SOME RANDOM PERSON OFF THE STREET!

>>>Steve Quercio Response

I don't follow this board anymore, due to most of the kids that have opinions and nothing to offer!

I do respect the Racers that are on here but that's it!!! I got a call, so I thought I would see the slamming this time.....You guys are Funny!!!! Know it all's with nothing to offer!!!!! St. Louis had 2 of the Biggest Names in the Industry..."Bigfoot" and "Bounty Hunter"....The Event Director was Paul Winkleman a 25 year Veteran!!!! The Announcer was Matt, someone we are giving a shot just like we did.....Adam..(His 1st time)...Ross (His 1st time) and this guy named Terry Boyd his 1st time....By the way Terry Boyd went on to put in 15 years for SRO..ClearChannel...and oh ya...He is the guy that does all the Lucus Oil TV Shows now.......You guys love to put **** where you can, but nothing good about San Angelo last night, standing room only with the Sturges trucks...Jimmy Jack and more, or the week before in Palm Springs, another sell-out with Sturges, the Jet, Free Style MX....Or the week before 2 sell-outs with Sammy's 3...McGruff..Terminator Jet Fire Truck and Free Style............So the Bottom line is really this...."DON'T GO" very simple. We were here before this Board, and will continue to be here when most of you kids get real jobs!!!!! And Stephen!!! Your living in a Fantasy World!!! When you drive a REAL MONSTER TRUCK....Then you can call yourself a DRIVER......OK!!!!!!!...So once again to you Monster Truck critics......If you don't like who is putting on the EVENT...."DON'T GO TO IT" THEN YOU CAN'T *****....... We will try really hard to get along without you!!!!!!


I feel bad for Darron Migues [Driver]... going from running Monster Jam to... that

North Star

totally agree with you here, havent really heard any positive comments about a show on here in a long time, funny though it first was only monster jam and amp shows that got bickered about, now it seems like its every show,


I just want to clear up some things. My crew who was at the show had nothing to do with running the show. They were not hired to run the show. They brought someone else in to run the show. I was hired in to announce the show only. Also the arena, and event director gave my crew permission to sit at the blocked off areas. They signed the forms and everything else. I also informed the drivers where they were sitting and they all had no problem with it.

Just because they got permission from everyone, doesn't mean they should get to sit there.


Just because they got permission from everyone, doesn't mean they should get to sit there. Its blocked off for a reason, and that reason is safety... Any little thing could have went wrong and then you guys would've had a MAJOR problem on your hands. Just saying...


Well honestly, if I actually knew about the line-up change before the event, there is no way I wouldn't have went. Secondly, if I knew I was going to feel in danger for the entire event and be bored to the point I was about to fall asleep due to the intermissions, lack luster side acts during said intermissions, and horrible bracket making, I would've also stayed home. You sure are being pretty cocky about your events even though for the past 6 weeks or so, it seems everyone that has went to one wants a refund. I gave it a shot and now I see why they were saying what they were.

>>>Steve Quercio Response

Come on Dude get a life!!! You certainly must have another agenda here!!!!

1 Only 2 Trucks were publicly Advertised and that was "Bigfoot" vs "Bounty Hunter" So who ever

you thought was going to be there did not come from us, so you got wrong information.

2. If you honestly thought you were in Danger your just an idiot for staying there. No Building

Mgr is going put his Building on the Line. You could have picked your *** up and moved

anytime. Not to mention "Bigfoot" & "Bounty" would not run under unsafe conditions

3 Why do you wait till after the Show..If the Trucks were not what you expected, we always give

a refund prior to the Show starting.

4 Yes we are cocky about our Events as we do over 50 events a year and keep a lot of Monster

Trucks working during the Summer, rather than them going out of Business. Not to mention, the

Bulk of the Shows are kick ***. If they were that Bad, I certainly don't think we

would be doing Events for over 30 years......And your full of **** about the last 6 weeks.

(Another Lie) We just completed 5 weeks of sell-out Shows in front of over 18,000 Spectators

Where the Shows were Kick ***, and the Venues have signed on for next year, so get your

**** together.

Please do us a favor....Don't come to our Shows!!!! A guy that ******* when "Bigfoot" and "Bounty Hunter" is at the same Show is not who we want at our Events.


"2. If you honestly thought you were in Danger your just an idiot for staying there....You could have picked your *** up and moved






HAHAHAHAHA You sure do know how to talk to fans who go to shows. Way to earn respect of everyone on this board.. And I asked you on facebook about the other trucks and YOU told me that the other two were Big Dawg and Tailgator, plus it was on Doug's schedule. You my friend need to get YOUR **** together, not me.


The fact is Steve, Your shows are horrible and its obvious why. The people on this board that you have so badly slammed are actually the opinions that should be taken to heart. Not **** on. In all honesty it is amazing that anybody lets you into there arena. I can promise you Steve that if these building managers were reading these reviews you would not have the venues you do. What keeps you going is the average joe that does not really no better. But after your shows they know better. The only way to make this better is to get the word out and start sending links to these threads to teams and venues.


You always give a refund before the show starts... What a great time to only issue refunds! Congrats on selling out shows, it looks that way considering their were more empty seats in the BH video than full ones...

Take some lessons in customer service, it's always great to make yourself look like an idiot by insulting your customer base...

Ryan Stevens

I love how you badmouth and slam the ones who buy your tickets and keep your "operation" going. Very professional.

Steven B

yeah the show was not what it should have been due to the lack of help and inexperiance, wish that there could have been more.

Ryan Stevens

I can promise you Steve that if these building managers were reading these reviews you would not have the venues you do. What keeps you going is the average joe that does not really know better. But after your shows they know better. The only way to make this better is to get the word out and start sending links to these threads to teams and venues.


I can tell you from past experience with building managers,they can care less about the quality of the event,(and in most cases the safety of the event) They are about the rental of the building.We have moved into buildings that other promoters have done previous years and could not believe what the previous promoters did. One building in Mich. put the handycap seating behind jersey barriers ACROSS the finishline end of the floor ON THE FLOOR.The building manager said they did it that way because the promoter told them that would be fine and the handycap spectaters would have great seats SERIOUSLY THEY DID ,I SAW THE PICTURES.As long as you have the liability ins. and the rent most of the buildings don't even watch the events.Spectaters will set wherever they are allowed because they EXPECT to come watch an event that doesnot put them in harms way They think it's awesome to watch a truck fly over the cars 30 ft. away.


no matter who it is you can't condem a promoter for just ONE show.

Just to clarify, I have had several Outlaw experiences, both as driver and fan. 2 shows this year. It's more than just ONE show as you say. If it were just ONE show this thread would not be where it is.


Was there an RII on evolution? didnt see any lane lights on it and it was never used.


thank god Outlaw doesnt do shows up here...


I pity anyone who paid to watch that show


Someone contacted me and absolutely insisted on me watching the footage, aforementioned.

Having seen it, several times- I'm truly surprised.

Any further commentary, can be provided via personal contact.


Wow, that promoter truly made me never want to go to one of his shows, by acting like a complete and udder ***** with his response in here...great professionalism.


Lawton Ok Outlaw Monster Truck Spectacular

Thought I would post some pics. I took my two youngest boys. We actually left early. Show was kinda slow.

Paul Curtis

wow, talk about profesionalism, Way to go dude, show your true colors!!

now just remember, Ive recently been to one of those shows, and I was dismayed at what I saw, now, Did I throw you under the bus?? NO I did not, I kept my opinions to myself, and I will continue to do that.

anyway, its sad when drivers and crew guys are humming the circus song during one of your shows aint it?

Clay Williams

I come here trying to be as respectful as possible.

I went to 1/2 of the show tonight in Cloverdale, IN. Im not a huge monster truck enthusiast, but Ive been to a few shows over the years, Ive seen trucks perform in different places, and Ive watched a crap load of it on TV.

Tonight was a huge disappointment in many many ways. I went to take my 4 year old son to see a good show.

First, I was blown away by the at the door price. $20 freakin per adult, and $15 per kid? I spend $55 to get in the door with my son and wife. I normally dont complain about entry fees, but for what I saw, I along with many others got shorted.

Secondly, the seating needs some work. For the location, all bleacher seating is the ideal. Not 6 rows of bleacher seats, with 10 rows of folding chairs on the floor.

Next, the location for this is, to put it mildly, terrible. there is NO headroom, the trucks couldn't really get on it over the jumps to much, or during the "wheelie" (lol) competition, probably for fear of smacking their trucks on the steel beams. The length of the entire thing was way short. I mean, seriously, 3 or 4 cars per lane and that's it???? some small speed bumps? and a "mud bog"? seriously? some wet dirt was a mud bog????? A stock truck off the street took a trip down that 'mud bog', and was hardly dirty on the other side. The drag race was about 3 seconds of half throttle runs before they had to get on the brakes.

Anyway, Ive wasted money on LOTS of things in the past, but this time I didnt even get a kiss. Pretty disappointing experience overall, and I dont think I was the only one. At "intermission" it was mass exodus to the parking lot. Even my son who is the typical boy that loves cars, trucks, and all things monster truck, was ready to go home. THAT right there was the most disappointing thing.

On the way there, I heard an advertisement for the show at the Hulman Center in terre haute, which was pretty decent last year. I should have known that was a sign telling me to turn around.

Sorry for being so harsh, but this is how I felt. If I knew how to get a hold of the promoter directly, I would have done so, BUT I couldn't find them online, except for this post.


Thumbs down Outlaw monster truck show in Springfield,Il

This was the biggest WASTE of money i've ever spent on my family. If you see them coming to your town save your money and treat yourself to something you'll enjoy. The trucks were slow and the event was unorganized. Please dont waste your money like we did.


It wasn't just the monster trucks it was the entire event. Completely unorganized and slow going. The "mud bog" that was suppose to happen was nothing more than a the dirt wetted down by the rain. The first truck out was a jeep with alot of horsepower and good tires hit the berm they had built at the end for some reason and caused him to flip it multiple times. Thankfully the driver was not seriously injured. There was no big jumps all night and the trucks hit the same stack of cars all night. There was one van stack in the back and prowler hit it one time at the end of the night and predator was up after him and just went back and fourth down the track over the same stuff again and then drove off with no real performance. I was expecting more because i do think that the predator team has good trucks. I dont expect monster jam events all the time but when i pay just as much for tickets as i did for the outlaw show i would expect more then what they gave the fans. They were also suppose to have stadium trucks and it turned out to be a bonestock ford ranger that looked like it came from the junk yard. The only concessions they had was cold pizza from dominos and hot sams choice soda from walmart. I bought 2 small pieces of pizza and 2 cans of generic soda for $10. If they had posted the prices i wouldn't have bought any of it. The majority of the crowd had left by the end of the night not because it was chilly and sprinkling, it was because of the poor performance of the entire show. Not to mention that the jet fire truck sprayed molten metal in the general direction of the crowd. For what they want to charge people to attend and get food i would expect more. I've been to many locally organized event mainly mud bogs and drags and some monter truck shows and paid no where near the price and had a much more enjoyable time. The entire event was just unorganized and poorly done.

Gary Davis - Jasper TX

Man i've been to shows all my life since about 84.this was by far the worst.i've never thought to myself "man i can't wait till this things over,nor have i ever left before the show was over but this 1 i did.i dont blame anyone but the promoter.the drivers did what they were told to do but the guys running it just plain sucked.i know the p.a. system isnt the best in the world there but you would think the promoter would get the national anthem right.everyone was in confusion for like 5 minutes.some one in the stands said "are we suppose to sing it?"as far as safety goes there was no security hardly at all.during the pit party i saw kids climbing in and on the cars in the pyramid.i blame the parents also.parents were putting them in the ford expedition where the motor sat and taking pics.saw a couple folks trying to open the door of the car on the south side of the pyramid and trying to steal something from the inside of it but the dirt ramp made it hard.the idiot that drove out the brute force 4wheeler needed his *** kicked for pulling his crap.there were people still on the floor getting autographs and kids running around.he almost ran over a kid behind cyborg.i thought it was sorry how ticket prices were jacked up at the gate.heard alot of people griping about that also.i bought the"vip" tickets cause they were supposedly "the best seats in the house and guaranteed pit passes".well the seats sucked and the pit party was free 2 everyone which is the way it should be.we took off our vip stickers and just sat behind where monkyn around was sitting.i actually left during the 20 minute break.what happened after that?i didnt get very good pics but will post them on here this week.again i just want you to know i dont blame the lions club or the drivers,just the promoter.hopefully a different promoter will come next time.thanks and take care,gary

Outlaw monster trucks not so spectacular.


Very bad show after being charged over what the radio and website had been promoting and very bad customer service. The show was not worth going to even if it had been free. They advertised a firetruck with a jet engine that melts cars but no show just an excuse. They also had 4 trucks that did only a couple turns and not so spectacular jumps. All in all a very bad experience my family was not happy with the show. The only way I would ever recommend this show is if you have nothing better to do and don't care about giving people money for nothing.

Eldora Speedway Rossburg, OH Facebook Comments:

Michael Shidler -- good show just wish wasn't so many problems with the trucks but dr.danger was awesome

Tanya Henn-Lakin -- Stinger was awesome in freestyle the kinda lacked. Dr Danger was awesome just a little to close .

Becky Winn -- Was not real happy with this show, will not go back next year, way to much down time and no entertainment..

Craig Hobsten -- this show was a rip off


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