Burgess Seed and Plant Co. - Scamming Mail Order Garden Co.

Posted on Saturday, August 6th, 2011 at 8:16pm CDT by a9863d91

Product: Seed and Plants

Company: Burgess Seed and Plant Co.

Location: 905 Four Seasons Road
Bloomington, IL, 61701-6143, US

URL: http://www.eburgess.com/

Category: Other

I ordered $426.07 of plants and seeds and $118.72 worth of plants they sent were dead in the bags. They told me the plants were just dormant and that I should plant them to revive them. So I spent over 27 hours planting them and 3 months later they were still just as dead. Their policy is that they will give you a refund only if you send back the plants in 14 days of receiving them???? This refund policy is a joke!! Believe me, nobody who orders from this company gets their money back. They just send you more dead plants if you request them to. This company belongs to a conglomerate of 10 other mail order garden companies, and they all treat their customers the same. They have a combined negative consumer review percentage of a negative 65%, which means 2 out of every 3 customers get scammed by these 11 companies. I found these figures on Dave's Garden Watchdog, a gardening consumer forum. The following is a list of these 11 companies in question:

Direct Gardening negative 65%

Burgess Seed and Plant Co. negative 63%

Four Seasons negative 66%

Dutch Gardens negative 21%

House of Wesley negative 81%

Richard Owen negative 79%

Farmer Seed and Nursery negative 83%

Kelly Nurseries negative 81%

Royal Dutch negative 72%

Inter-State Nurseries negative 88%

Honeycreek Nurseries negative 69%

The mail order average negative consumer review for the entire garden industry is a negative 18%. So how do these 11 companies, including Burgess Seed and Plant Co., stay in business with a total of a negative 65% consumer review? They have 1418 negative reviews out of a total of 2177 reviews as 8-1-11. These 11 companies have been scamming consumers for years and nobody seems to do anything about it. I'm sure a lot of their customers are little old ladies on a fixed income that don't want to get involved when they get taken advantage of.

Refund my $118.72 or I keep telling my story to everyone who will listen. Including Facebook, Twitter, and any other social network.


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