American Express - American Express Membership Rewards DON'T BUY IN - SCAM

Posted on Friday, August 5th, 2011 at 11:56am CDT by 539e457e

Company: American Express

Location: US

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American Express Membership Rewards Points:

No contact back from Supervisors.

The issue: After transferring points into Virgin Atlantic, there were NO available seats for 50K for 5 years out.

It's a scam.

I then ask for the points to be put back into American Express so I can transfer to an airline that DOES offer seats, but they can't.

And I've asked American Express to contact me (back) to help here, and no one has, yet.

Why partner with an airline that knowingly doesn't have any seat availability for 50K points. (That's a lot of points, a lot of cash spent to gain those points.)

American Express should toss it's weight around and exclude Virgin Atlantic from their program, or allow it's customers to put points back and into another airline (charge me a fee, that's fine) - take responsibility for partnering with such a company like Virgin.


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