Best Buy

Posted on Wednesday, August 31st, 2011 at 7:04pm CDT by a8fbd79a

Product: mobile phone sales

Company: Best Buy

Location: Superstition Springs Mall
Mesa, Ar, US

Category: Other

My wife and daughter went with me to get new phones and to switch phone carriers. After choosing four phones the salesman was talking to us about all the features and the insurance and what it covered. Then last week, I lost my phone on a highway construction job. After contacting Best Buy about "LOCKEDNFOUND" I was able to lock on to my phones location per GPS but over the course of four hours the location changed five times. One location was five miles from where I had been working and I wasn't even close to that area. I have walked those areas almost every day since looking but have not found it. The tech's at Best Buy insist it is in one certain area but after walking that area five times and even using a metal detector I still do not have my phone. Then to top it all off, Best Buy tells me that "lost or stolen phones are not covered". I called corporate office ofBest Buy and was told that even if salesperson told us it was covered if lost, it wasn't. Beware of what they tell is covered and have them show on your copy of the policy.


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