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Posted on Wednesday, August 31st, 2011 at 12:16pm CDT by 8b66bd02

Product: Travel Insurance

Company: Access America

Location: 2805 North Parham Road
Richmond, Vi, 23294, US


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Hello! I purchased a travel insurance policy from Access America for $62.28, covering $958.15 on 5-31-2011 for a trip I was taking to visit family on Aer Lingus. The conditions, as far as I could see from the breakdown page that is provided with each policy, would cover me in case of cancellation. I did have to cancel, and my claim was subsequently denied, on the case that it was not one of the specific conditions of the policy, causing me to lose $958.15!

I did some research, and it turns out they are notorious for this (just google Access America complaints).

The policy explanation is extremely misleading. I am a savvy consumer and I thought I was covered within reason of what I needed. Their "legitimate reason" for cancellation only includes medical emergencies (and even they aren't paid out accordingly--just refer to the thousands of negative reviews). On the policy breakdown, it only says "Trip Cancellation Protection: $958.15 (the total plane ticket amount) and it's completely separate from all the ADDITIONAL medical coverage they offer. See how misleading it can be? Why would one EVER think that trip cancellation would be contingent only on a medical emergency if they are listed completely separate from each other? Additionally, there is a "Please note..." part that goes into the specifics of medical coverage, that's also stated as a separate entity--it does not make clear that that may be the only thing insurance payout is contingent on. Most airlines allow for provisions when it comes to medical emergencies anyway. I took out this insurance for one simple reason: I needed to be ensured that I would not lose money, should this trip fall through.

I am a consumer who was viciously taken advantage of, one of thousands, and this needs to stop. Their business practice is notoriously dishonest, and they need to stop doing this to people. I can't afford to lose this money. Please help. I can furnish all the information, documents, policy numbers, etc. Thank you!

Also, I contacted the company and received a response from Keith J. Redden-McAllister, Manager of Claims & Quality Services on 7-5-2011 that read: "This is a named perils travel insurance policy, which means it covers only the specific situations, events and losses included in this document, and only under the conditions we describe."

The "conditions they describe" are done so in a very misleading way on the breakdown page. The actual coverage is not framed by its limitations, causing the consumer to think the coverage is much larger than it actually is.

Based on the huge volume of negative reviews against this company in regard to claims they would consider legitimate, it can be determined they don't follow through even on those.

Thank you again for your help!

-Bryan ;-)


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