Multilinks Telkom - Wrong deduction of hours on modem and no rectfication till date

Posted on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011 at 5:56pm CDT by 7616393d

Product: Multilinks

Company: Multilinks Telkom

Location: Adeola Odeku Street,Lagos ,Nigeria
Victoria Island, La, 00176-0000, NG


Category: Other

I have been using the 3G multilinks broadband modem for quite some time now.I noticed over time that the balance of hours left on my modem was being deducted wrongly.I called customer and they gave me flimsy and non-tenable excuses that i should ensure i disconnect properly and detach the modem.Ever since then, I ensure I do that.

Recently, i noticed that the wrong deduction started again. First it was an hour then about 2 hrs before on 23rd july,2011, 7 hours were deducted wrongly.I called customer and they tried to argue with me and blame me for it but later, they accepted that it was an error and promised to correct it in 24 hrs which they have nit done till today.They have disrupted my smooth process of work and customer satisfaction in the use of the internet.They are so used to cheating their customers by this wrong deduction.Please help me in the fight for justice.Thanks


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