T-Mobile - Stay Away From T-Mobile

Posted on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011 at 5:31pm CDT by William M.

Product: wireless phone service

Company: T-Mobile

Location: US

URL: http://www.t-mobile.com/

Category: Other

My friend signed up for T-Mobile service a year ago. T-Mobile told her there was no service discount for Jackson National/Prudential employees. When she found this to be false, she called T-Mobile. The manager in the call center would only apply the discount is she agreed to another 2 year agreement. She said the 2 year agreement on the discount should have started a year ago so the agreement should only be for one more year. Evidently, neither logic nor customer service is one of T-Mobile's strong points, because they denied her request.

I personally e-mailed T-Mobile's CEO for her. T-Mobile kept calling me and my friend and leaving us voice mails. I kept replying to them asking if the discount had been applied. They refused to answer that question. They still kept calling and calling. They finally caught her when she wasn't at work and told her they would not apply the discount. So, that is what was so important they couldn't leave on a voice mail or send by e-mail!

Another friend of mine has T-Mobile. T-Mobile sent her advertisement text messages and then charged her for the incoming text messages!

Just stay away from this awful company.

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0409367a, 2013-06-18, 03:56PM CDT

Me and my wallet have been happy with Virgin Mobile for three years and counting. I love "no contracts" and unlimited text and data for $35/mo. I never call anymore so the 300 minutes don't bother me. The only bad is you have to buy the phone, but I guess they have some pretty good models now.

Keep the phone off when driving, and crank-up your radio... it's a lot more fun. Especially in SoCal where they give anyone a license so the roads are full of "ding-dong" drivers.

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