Samsung - Samsung TV - Bad components

Posted on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011 at 2:45pm CDT by 25f534a0

Product: Samsung LCD TV LE46M86BD

Company: Samsung

Location: Daegu, KR


Category: Other

My 2.000 Euro TV set started making clicking noise when turning it on. This would first take a few seconds but after a day it would take minutes to power on.

A quick search on the internet showed that this is a common problem with Samsung TV sets and that it's actually a production issue due to using underrated capacitors in the power supply unit.

After calling the helpdesk and explaining the problem I had, I was told that this unit was out of warranty (purchased it 3 years ago) and that I would have to pay for the repair... I expect more from a company like Samsung and from a product I paid so much for. Especially since it's obviously a production error.

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Robert Allyn L., 2011-08-05, 08:22AM CDT

Everything produced by man fails.

You were unlucky enough to get one that did.

If you really think this is more than a "Common type of failure" sue them.

The fact is that every car, fridge, TV has a sertain thing that fails most often. This does not make it an epidemic or you any more than unlucky.

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