Lensfast - RUDE employees who don't honor return policy!!

Posted on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011 at 10:07pm CDT by 42a04811

Company: Lensfast

Location: PO Box 1001
Meredith, NH, 03253, US


Category: Other

I have an unopened box of contact lenses that I wanted to return/exchange due to a change in my daughter's prescription. After reviewing the company's website, I noted that an RMA must be requested via email prior to sending back any unopened lens packages and that they would be accepted within 90 days of the order for return. The lenses were purchased on April 6, 2011 and I initially emailed the company on June 14, 2011 to request the RMA. Later on June 14th, I received an email response from them asking what the brand of lenses was and the reason for the return. The message also stated that they would send the RMA as soon as they received the information. I emailed back the information requested the next business day, which was June 15, 2011. I followed this up with another email on June 20, 2011. After returning from a lengthy vacation and still not hearing back from the company, I contacted them again via email on July 25 asking for a response ASAP as my previous messages had gone unanswered. When no response was given, I contacted them by phone on July 26, where a message told me that email was the best contact method and to leave a message that may be returned. Still no response so I submitted a new RMA request email through their website on July 27th to which I finally received an email back stating that the 90 day return period had passed. I explained via email that I had submitted all of the requested information during the allowable return period, and that their lack of response was what caused it to expire. They stated that they never received my emails back to the 6/14 request and asked me to forward the emails that I had sent. After doing so, I was abruptly told, with no explanation, that the return wouldn't be allowed because it was outside the return period. I asked to have a supervisor contact me which again went unanswered. On the next business day, June 28, 2011, I called the company and requested to speak to the customer service manager. The employee that answered the phone asked for my name. After I told him, he announced that he was the manager and I proceeded to state that I had a return issue that I was hoping to resolve. Before those words fully left my mouth, he said, "we aren't going to take the contacts back." This surprised me so I asked if he was aware of the situation and he said "yes, and we aren't going to take them back because the 90 day period had expired." I said that I understood that it has now expired, but was wondering why I never received an RMA as promised after providing the information. He said that they had no record of receiving my response email and then the phone was disconnected.


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