Goodyear - Nobody Knows what is the meaning of the words: estimate or good customer service

Posted on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011 at 12:12pm CDT by 7a863962

Product: Alignment

Company: Goodyear

Location: 10475 s federal hwy
PSl, Fl, 34952, US


Category: Other

Their estimate was for 2 hours and it took more than 3, for a oil change and tire service (rotation + alignment).

They promised driving back to the shop but whenever they feel like it.

The amount of hidden fees is nonsense and a steal.

Discrimination toward Hispanic females, or all females for that matter.

Their customer service over the phone it s not as bad as the one you would receive in person; but you don't feel that you accomplish anything as long as they take your money who cares what kind of service you receive.


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