Preston Marketing Concepts - Horrible Manager

Posted on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011 at 2:44pm CDT by 073a1052

Product: Brittany Putland

Company: Preston Marketing Concepts

Location: 6 Faneuil Hall Market Pl
Boston, MA, 02109-6115, US

Category: Other

Brittany Putland is a manger for Preston Marketing Concepts promotional model team of the MD, DC, and DE region. She is nice in the beginning, but if there is ever any question or miscommunication of some sort she is quick to change her attitude. I recieved little to no help from her when there was an issue with being paid, I also was not pleased with her people skills. A few times the credit card number we were given to use was declined at accounts and then we had trouble reaching Brittany to relay the issue.She was not a friendly manager and would even send emails in all caps as if she was yelling at you. Overall my experience with that company was horrible and I would not refer anyone to work for them.


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