Purdential Ins - Insurance and Attorneys Ripoffs

Posted on Monday, August 29th, 2011 at 2:22am CDT by 6faed044

Product: Long Term Disability

Company: Purdential Ins

Location: P.O. Box 13480
Philadelphia, PA, 19101, US

Category: Other

I paid a weekly premium for 6 years to Purdential Ins for 40% of my income if I was to become disabled at least this is what I thought. I became disabled on 04/18/2011, I was making $6281.64 a month at the time my heart gave out on me on 04/18/2011 which would have paid me 2512.06 a month.It was a requirement of Purdential that I filed for social security disability. It starts to pay me Sept. but won't recieve a check from them till Oct 12 2011, now Purdential Ins is only going to pay me approximately $600 a month which I was not informed of any of this till after the fact. I worked all my life for this since I was 16 and am now 56.

Now to let you know about some attorneys I have talked to about filing medical malpractice suites against 2 hospitals in the Longview area a lawyer to me I had to be deformed or dead on the operation table in order to file these suites even though the 2 hospitals refused to call or get in contact with my present cardiologist. Good Shepard wanted to do a 300 to 500 hundred thousand dollar operation on me which I refused because they did not even mention taking care of my present condition and got mad at me because I refused to let them do the operation so the discharged me.

And the 2nd hospital induced multag and morphen afterwards to me to shut me up. The multag treatment was not suppose to be induced to any patient with a serious heart condition and the morphen is induced for pain and I was not in pain at any time.


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