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Posted on Saturday, August 27th, 2011 at 7:31pm CDT by 789890a8

Product: Our Love Stone

Company: Our Love Stone

Location: 3645 E Edna Gilbert AZ
Gilbert, AZ, US

URL: http://facebook.com/tischler

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Scott Tischler and I went in as partners to begin a new division of his existing jewelry business. This new division was exclusively E-Commerce and everything was online. Despite being extremely friendly and enjoyable to be around prior to the company, when it came to business, Scott was a veritable nightmare to deal with. He would make excuses when asked to do the most mundane, easy tasks. My role included everything except the startup capital needed to fund the new company; I listed our products, formed relationships with our suppliers, marketed and sold our products, and dealt with all customer service tasks. I spent every waking moment working on our new company.

He eventually accused me of stealing money, which I believe was a way for him to make his exit from the company (I would have preferred honest, professional courtesy). My observation is that when he wanted to end a business relationship, he would cook up a false accusation and would intimidate the individual into silence or inaction by shifting the focus off of him. Fortunately for me, I was absolutely solid in my innocence, and I saw through the manipulation. At that point, however, working with him was a thoroughly miserable enterprise and I wanted to be done with him just as much as he wanted to be done with me. Prior to the stealing accusation, he would complain constantly about the fact that we were losing money, even if we had orders coming in. He was literally incapable of taking accountability at the m ost fundamental level. When I would attempt to solve this issue in a direct yet respectful manner, he would avoid me, make excuses, or find a flaw of mine and refer to it constantly.

He was a complete waste of time to work with. He will reel people in with the lure of his TV show, and will SEEM very legitimate, but it is all a smoke screen. He will attempt to get everyone he does business with to work for free. He will make people sign Non-Compete/Non-Disclosure agreements, but will make excuses when asked to sign Partnership Agreements and will sprocrastinate indefinitely. It is a shame, because he is charismatic and smart enough to be successful. Although he made a big show of being a hard worker, he rarely followed through and his temper would flare when confronted about that issue. My philosophy is that success and respect are earned, and I was willing to do the "grunt work" necessary to obtain these things. My overall impression was the Scott believed he was above such menial tasks, which coincidentally included virtually everything when it came to our business.

Oh, and one final note about the accusation: He made the accusation without even logging into our online accounts and verifying that any money was actually missing, which it obviously wasn't! This illustrates the extent of his inability to take necessary actions to solve problems or put his fears to rest.

Scott Ryan Tischler, in my opinion, is largely unaware that he is the cause of his lack of business success. He seems to lack empathy, and thus cannot comprehend the frustration and pain that he leaves in his wake of those unfortunate enough to cross his path. His ability to place blame on other people is without equal; I've never seen such manipulative skill and cunning.

Run, don't walk, from Scott Ryan Tischler.


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9755627e, 2011-10-30, 03:34AM CDT

One more thing: If you have questions or if you have your own problems with him, I am more than happy to provide clarification on my experience. I have been contacted by a few people as a result of this post.

I also encourage anyone who has had similar experiences with Scott to post their own story on this site or another one. Hearing other people's stories has made me realize that my post here has been empowering for people who are also being ripped off and/or lied to.

I don't think he's a bad person, I just believe in holding people accountable for their behavior.

ee37445d, 2011-11-10, 03:31PM CST

Hi, I'm Scott Ryan Tischler's Conscience and I've just come to the realization that I'm a prick, thus saith MY shrink. I like to type posts pretending to be other people when in reality I'm just projecting my own feelings and emotions. I come from a German family, this gives me the natural inclination to dominate and control all non-Aryans. I have been unsuccessfully running scams for the past 14 years. Everything from Diamond Investments to my fake tan to my fake-reality show, "The Diamond Hunter," on YouTube (Poorly produced to add. Really they are pathetic).

Over this past decade I have teamed up with various business partners in order to steal money from my customers and make my partner the fall-guy. My therapist told me to make apologies to the following individuals: Shawn Hoffman, James McKeon, Liza Fabunan-Dekker, William Brannan, Jonathan Schaupp, Devin Garafalo, Charles Scales, Kate Price and eventually Taren Burke. Although I've been taken to court several times, and plead guilty and have been found guilty, I manage to escape with only minuscule fines and no jail time. This has enabled me to develop a sense of INVINCIBILITY regarding illegal activities just like Mein Furher!

I would also like to apologize to Ms. Malia and Mr. Nathan for impersonating and making up lies about their lives, which I know nothing about. To you Ms. Malia, for ruining your wedding, giving you heartburn and making you send Channel 3 On Your Side to my old house. Which, by the way, I no longer live at because I am currently shacked up with my latest girlfriend, Taren (who hasn't yet figured out that I'm the one who stole money out of her PayPal account). Gotcha! ;) And to you Mr. Nathan I apologize for also ruining your wedding day, wrongfully entering your height at 5'9" (you are clearly 6'3" standing behind that old gal), and finally for my comments about your sexuality. I fear that I may have been projecting here. You see, I've done some inner-searching and I now think I may be better suited for "catching" instead of "pitching"...sorry, Taren.

Oh, by the way, I apologize to you Taren. Since we have been together I have made some promises regarding our future, that I have little intentions of keeping. I have led you on to believe that we will be getting married and that I will make an AMAZING husband. But the truth of it all is that I just need a place to stay right now. In addition, you also fulfill my booty call needs when I am not "on the road." Hopefully you won't dump me after you read this. It's nothing against you, I just simply have not grown up when it comes to relationships***See any of my ex-girlfriends or ex-wives, as I have cheated on ALL OF THEM. While we're on the topic, lastly I would like to apologize to all my former girlfriends and wives (yes, I have been married more than once). I know I lead all of you on to believe that I was a really great guy, who was very successful in all of my business adventures and that I was an overall "SAINT." The reason I lead girls on is because if they knew the REAL Scott Ryan Tischler, you all would have not given me the time of day. Let's face it. I work-out all day to make up for my lack of personality. With my spiked hair and bulging eyeballs, I look like a Treasure Troll on 'Roids! Also, take a look at my clothing. I'm pushing 40 and I'm wearing jeans with "manufactured holes" and decorated in bedazzled jewelry! And I purchase all my shirts in the Ed Hardy toddler's section.

In closing, as you have just read, I am truly quite the pathetic sorry excuse of a human being. On more than one occasion, I have threatened to commit suicide. No! REALLY! There was this one time when one of my old fiances tried to dump me over the phone, and I threatened to kill myself so she wouldn't dump me! My fiance at the time foolishly worried about my safety, called the police to come to my hotel room. I saw the police arriving in the parking lot; I quickly gathered my phone and a few belongings and sprinted out the door. Shew! Even though I like to make to these threats, I really have no intention of killing myself. I am FAR too in love with myself to go through with it! So the moral of this realization is that I should never be trusted, in any fashion, whether it is social or business setting. Ladies, if I ever approach you in person, please do yourself a favor and hit me with the pepper spray. If I ever contact you on a dating website, you need to save my communications. Eventually I will start driving by your apartment to harass you into being my "Sugar Momma." So you will need all these messages to take me to court later on. If I ever approach you with investment opportunities or selling you a ring, PLEASE KNOW that I WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY and give you an ulcer and legal fees in return. This is especially evidenced by my suspension by the FINRA for illegal activities regarding investments. And when it comes to Our Love Stone, just ask my latest victim, Malia.

Sorry for the troubles,


Scott Ryan Tischler's Conscience

ee37445d, 2011-12-15, 03:22PM CST

Scott Ryan Tischler is a con artist. He has taken investor's money and trust. Now he runs diamond scams. DO NOT GIVE SCOTT RYAN TISCHLER MONEY!!! Visit our blog at http://scottsconscience772.blogspot.com/ for more information on his scams and activities. If you have information that may lead to Scott's arrest please contact [email protected]

e72e0539, 2012-01-26, 12:00PM CST

Check out Scott Ryan Tischler's Conscience Blog. Scott is a con artist and thief. He has stolen over one million dollars from hundreds nationwide. Help? us stop Scott Tischler. Visit our site. Scott claims ALL of our contributors are disgruntled employees and ex-girlfriends.? Check out the sources on this blog and ask yourself who is telling the truth. If Scott has this many "disgruntled" people against him, then what did he do wrong? scottsconscience772.blogspot.c??om

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