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Posted on Friday, August 26th, 2011 at 2:03pm CDT by a964b44e

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I bought a new PNY video card. Tiger Direct Offer Code PNY-5742 The video card is nice.

Apparently they use the same rebate processing nightmare place. 4myrebate.com

I just went through 2 hours hell trying to get answer for rebate, the numbers listed and web addresses listed ended up with people telling me they have no record, the numbers all went to the wrong places.

I finally found the right place after all kinds of problems. I followed all direction, EXACTLY!

They kept telling me they had no record. I went to all the proper links and phone numbers, explained how I followed all directly EXACTLY! but all the places I contacted were all the wrong places!

I finally found the right place to contact, they had a recording saying they sent the rebate 08-16-11. it is now 08-26-11.

Every number I call first sends me through a maze of recordings. I find it very hard to believe it takes 10 or more days for me to recieve the rebate after they mailed it. I mailed them my computer generated forms back on 06/09/11.

Many years ago I went through a rebate nightmare with TigerDirect and vowed I would not use them again. I thought after 10 years I would try again. Is it Tiger Direct, 4myrebate.com or PNY that is to blame?

How about some honesty! I went throuh 1,000 hoops, and got boned.


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