Dish network - Be cautious with DISH NETWORK

Posted on Friday, August 26th, 2011 at 8:44pm CDT by 60e74fed

Product: tv channel provider

Company: Dish network

Location: US


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When we signed with Dish Network for $24/month per one year I did not realize it was for 24 months (see the advertisement). But Ok, my fault. Then after some months I got a letter telling that DISH could not honor the price in the agreement and it was going to increase it. I pay now $43.16 per month (they increased some channels that I never asked for and did not want). And I could not do anything I had signed for 24 months!!!?? It is legal but it is not fair. Amazing, after that, they went back offering the service for new costumers for 19.99/month (I cannot understand it because in the letter sent DISH said they could not manage with that low price, and they've never contacted me about change back my price). Now I have to leave the country, I am moving to Brazil, and I have to pay a cancellation fee that is more than $200.00. Really, who has broken the agreement first?! DISH was very efficient in cancelling the channels, it was cancel during the time we were over the phone with the representative.! I am writting because I really believe that a company deserves the right of being fair to its consumers and the representative that talked with us over the phone said he was sorry but he could not do anything about it. Also the consumers have the right of knowing what has happened to other consumers before. Moreover, DISH be aware you are loosing opportunities, we (from Brazilian universities) sent around 5,000 students per year to USA (for only one year),I guess other countries also do the same. Our students won't be able to sigh with DISH because of your police (But don't worry I will let them know about your 24 month police so they do NOT do the mistake I did).

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a9b849d6, 2011-08-31, 05:43PM CDT

Hello, my name is Mark with DISH Network customer service. The DISH Network promotion for a new customer offers the programming discount for the first 12 months and then the second 12 months are billed at the regular monthly rate. This applies to the current promotions that are being offered by DISH Network. If you need assistance or would like me to review your concern further you may reach me at [email protected]

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