Directv - Overcharged - Not give introductory price

Posted on Thursday, August 25th, 2011 at 6:58pm CDT by 3bb866c1

Product: Satellite TV service

Company: Directv

Location: PO Box 6550
Greenwood Village, CO, 80155-6550, US


Category: Other

I ordered Direct TV with a discounted introductory price. Apparently I ordered through a third party retailer called Direct Star (not identified at the time). In order to receive the lower price I needed to fill out a rebate form prior to installation - website give to me at the time of order. I went to the site right after completing my order.

Upon receiving my bill, I saw that I did not receive the lower price. I called the number on the bill to find out why. Direct TV rep and supervisor told me that the website given by Direct Star was not the official rebate site, and that I could complete the rebate form today, it would be applied in 6-8 weeks. Until then I have to pay full price.

I consider this misleading advertising on the part of Direct TV. They talk about a low price, but only if you fill out a rebate form, and if you are given the wrong information by a subcontractor you have no recourse. Apparently rebates can be applied in DAYS if done prior to installation, but takes MONTHS once you have signed a contract. Based on my experience I would recommend AGAINST Direct TV. Once you sign, you're sunk.

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abb24330, 2011-12-29, 08:17AM CST

This company is ridiculous! I feel your pain, I'm getting "rebates" but my bill is still ridiculous. THey said "oh it's because of movies" and I told them heck NO each movie we've ordered has come directly from my bank account! I do not have movies billed, and can prove it, so they had to concede. I am SOOO sorry I ever got direct tv.

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