Wild Wing - Wild Wing Restaurant- Bad Service, Bad Food, Bad Price.

Posted on Wednesday, August 24th, 2011 at 7:10pm CDT by 875412e8

Company: Wild Wing

Location: 1263 Donald Street
Ottawa, On, K1J8W3, CA

URL: http://bestchickenwings.com/

Category: Other

I am writing this complaint because of my very disappointing experience at Wild Wing Restaurant.

I visited the Donald Street location with my family, after being told by a friend that the customer service was very good and wings were delicious. As we entered the restaurant, I noticed that the dining room was slightly busy, and most of the waiter/waitresses were behind the bar, or sauntering over to a table. We waited about 3 minutes until we were seated, then received our menu and were asked if we would like anything to drink. We ordered our beverages, and decided on what kind of wings we were going to order.

Since we were getting hungry (drove about 30 minutes on an empty stomach) we decided that we would order 5 mozzarella sticks as an appetizer, hoping they would arrive shortly.

We received our beverages, and were asked if we would like to order any food yet. As we were still contemplating over what food we were going to order, we asked the waitress if we could just order some mozzarella sticks while we were making our decision. We were notified that she will "be back soon" with our mozzarella sticks, and to take our order. After waiting about 15 minutes, with no sign of the waitress, we were starting to wonder why our appetizer hasn't arrived yet. We figured that because the restaurant was starting to get busier, the waiter/waitresses may be overwhelmed and might have accidentally forgot to put our order through. We waited 40 minutes for our appetizer, and the waitress did not even apologize or provide an explanation for our very long wait.

We proceeded to order our wings, and received them after another long, 50 minute wait. Still no apology or explanation. The taste of the wings was horrible, and much worse than we expected/were told. A family member who ordered ribs & fries, was disappointed in the lack of meat on the bone. The fries were subpar, and tasted horrible.

During the whole meal, the waitress did not visit our table to ask how the meal was, or offer any more drinks/sauce, etc.

We had to "hunt down" the waitress to ask for the bill, which in my opinion, was overpriced ($50.84 CAD for Wings, Ribs, Mozzarella Sticks, 3 soft drinks, and poor, slow service.)

Overall, the service and food we received was not up to scratch, and we would certainly not revisit this location unless there is a major change in food quality and customer service.

I have confidence that the restaurant owner will provide a reasonable solution to this complaint, considering the high standard of service and food quality demonstrated to many family members/friends in the past.


Josh Clatney


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