Orangle Dongle

Posted on Wednesday, August 24th, 2011 at 4:27am CDT by 0c268a71

Product: Orange Dongle

Company: Not Available

Location: GB

Category: Other

I am paying 39.32 per month for internet access with an Orange Dongle. I find that the reception is terrible.I have phoned them about it, but hey were useless and the poor quality reception continued. I admit I didn't read the small print when I signed their contract for 12 months! My fault to fall for their advertising about paying monthly! I thought it was like payasyou go. Orange insist that I pay the full the 12 month contract-but as far as I am concerned- they are not fulfiling their side of the contract. When I cancelled my direct debit, they threatened me with a visit from a debt collector. They send me a letter each month to say they have recently written to me, and give me 7 days to pay up or they will suspend my account- what id I was away on holiday??- it is not true that i receive a previous letter- I just receive this overdue letter! I now reluctantly send them a cheque every month. I am counting the days to when this contract ends. I have not receive the great service they promise.


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