Posted on Saturday, August 20th, 2011 at 11:22am CDT by 408f7c02

Product: Cable TV, Internet, Phone

Company: Time Warner Cable

Location: 2939 Nebraska Avenue
Santa Monica, CA, 90404, US

URL: http://www.timewarnercable.com/socal/

Category: Other

Sam Sabia, Customer Care Advocate, TWC Corporate Office (212-364-8200), Octavio Jaramillo, Executive Assistant to the Office of the President (323- 785-0315) and Karen, a TW Supervisor (310-466-6384) refused to honor the bundled package deal a TW rep offered me for $140/mo. Initially, these TW agents told me that the $140/mo deal would be easy to verify since TW records ALL telephone conversations. They also said that it was IMPOSSIBLE to lose or destroy those recorded conversations and they would listen to the recording and, if I were right, adjust my bill accordingly. I said, great, then I have nothing to worry about since the recording will certainly corroborate my story! Almost three weeks later, Mr. Sambia, Mr. Jaramillo & Karen told me that they could not locate the operative recording of my conversation with the agent who made the bundled package deal for $140/MO; and, since they could not locate the recording, I was responsible for paying $279/month!! But, you said it was impossible to lose or destroy the recordings! They did not care! In addition, TW continues to bill me for four DVRs when I only have three! At all times, Time Warner & its agents and representatives acted dishonestly and unlawfully in their dealings with me. Not only is TW guilty of this bait and switch but also violations of the RICO Act (along with a host of other violations of law).


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