Movie Tymes - A disgusting example of a human being

Posted on Saturday, August 20th, 2011 at 9:05pm CDT by f8dcc2d7

Company: Movie Tymes

Location: Holts Summit, MO, 65043, US

Category: Other

Of course, I am speaking of the owner of Movie Tymes in Holts Summit. My husband and I, among many other people I know have been customers of his businesses for many years. That ends today. I have never had much interaction with him until today. However I had been told by many people to not enter his businesses and stay clear. I had always wondered why they would say such things until his ugly face and ugly attitude entered our lifes today. Not only did this man confront me and my husband in public for something that was none of his business but he also made a point to follow us from our home to town, riding our ass to throw attitude at us from his car. Not only did he look ridiculous, he also looked cowardly for not even having the nerve to get out of his car. I guess owning a few hole in the wall businesses in a small town justifies being a dick. Don't worry. I wont bore you with the details. Just know that this man pulled up to us and must have believed that he was the law in this town and we were just some two bit criminals. Not only was he wrong, he was extremely out of line. I am a pretty easy going person and it took everything I had to not make a scene and put him in his place. My husband had an even harder time. Not only will we never do business with him again, we will be sure to tell everyone we know, including the city and Better Business Bureau. Dont get me wrong. His employess are great. They have always been kind and helpful but why anyone would work for him is beyond my comprehension. We will now drive well out of our way to go to a business where we know the owner will not harrass or stalk us. And you would do well to do the same.


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