sears roebuck - damaded vehicle

Posted on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011 at 11:55pm CDT by c2bba835

Product: ford tarus

Company: sears roebuck

Location: 1750 deptford ctr rd
deptford, nj, 08096, US


Category: Other

On may 23rd while my daughter was home from school,she took her car to sears for an oil change.while there it she was told that she needed to do coolant exchange which she refused.A week later while she was driving, the car started to smoke. she pulled over and calle d me (her father)when i got there and openned the hood noticed the radiator cap was missiing which led to cracked engine head.The car has only been to sears and no where else,and they were the ones that touched the cap last per their recommendation.

Unfortunately sears and their insurance company have refused to resolve the problem despite many attempts,


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