Wholesale Merchant Proccesing - merchant process company scam

Posted on Friday, August 19th, 2011 at 4:43pm CDT by b8197ae8

Product: credit card processing company

Company: Wholesale Merchant Proccesing

Location: 11000 SW Stratus St. Ste.150
Beaverton, OR, 97008, US

URL: http://www.wmphq.com/

Category: Other

Steve Cole merchant consultant came in our store in January 2011 from wholesale merchant processing company. Gave us a big speech how they will save us money if we use their services. He said just fill out the application and we'll take care of the rest. He said we should be hearing back from them in few days. Few weeks past we got letter in the mail saying that our application was declined. No problem... After couple of weeks we got credit card terminal in the mail from them. We were confused... Called them... They said we were approved to start service with them. We told them that we got letter that said we were declined. We said At this time we have different processing company and we are happy with them. Told them that we did not need their services. They said simply return the terminal back to them and they would close the account immediately. WHICH WE DID.We also send them written notice that indicated clearly we did not want to use their service. But after several months we realized that thyis people keep taking money out from our business account without any autorization whatsoever... We called them number of times... Talked to different people to try to get our money back. So far they charged us over $400.00. This people are biggest crooks ever. We want everyone knows not to be victim of this bloodsuckers. Not just one but everybody working for this company are crooks. They just keep giving us run arounds. We are gboing to take them to small claim court to get back what they stole from us. Please let everbody to be aware of this company and their morals...



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