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Posted on Friday, August 19th, 2011 at 1:12pm CDT by 0b6fa724

Product: Cox Telecommunications

Company: Cox Communications

Location: Atlanta Ga., US


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I am tired of repeating the same issue over and over.

I am trying to address Cox Co. Corporate es in Atlanta.

I have filed a complaint with the BBB and the Oklahoma Corporation Commision.

On 8/18/11 around 9:30 I requested contact info for the oversight commision for Cox co. telecommunications.

Your employee informed me that there was no oversight of Cox co. telecommunications.

When I informed him that there was andd that I was specifically requesting the contact information from him he repeated that there was no oversight of Cox. Co. telecommunications. When I requested to speak with his supervisor, he informed me that he was the supervisor, and than offered that I have a "nice day" and said goodbye.

I am a former IIS Sytem Admin and C++ Programmer. I created the first Intranet System in 97 for a major healthcare system statewide in OK.

I reported to the CEO, CFO, and CIO directly. I trained myself and taught myself C++ programming.

It started on the 15th when I requested to have my services restored. I am now on SSDI.

I requested my phone number be blocked to caller ID and unlisted, which was not done. This is a situation which is not easily correctable now.

On the 15th when I returned, by cab back home, I realized the installation package did not contain a DVR, and after installing the Cable Modem and phone I contacted COX support.

In the phone conversation after 15 minutes of hold informed me that the Employee at the COX center had not registered my MAC address in their database system.

It took thirty minutes after 15 minutes of hold just to reolve that one issue.

The next day the phone service was not activated as their support supervisor had promised.

My last and final issue is that I am only receiving 8 mbs when I am PAYING for the top tier of 20 mbs.

And their support is refusing to address this.

As stated I have filed 2 complaints now.

One with the BBB and one with the OK Corp Commision.

I expect people to do their job and do it correctly, the first time.

Monday I will contact an attornety through legal serv. Of Southeastern OK.

It would be better if you would resolve this before then.

I am contracted with you for certain services. You are not providing them.

My last call I was forwarded from tech support to customer service and all customer service provided was to send in me back in a loop to tech support.

I will escalate this...soon.

I will next contact Channel 2.

All I am asking for are the services that I am paying


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