Pat O'Brien Chevrolet - Pat O'Brien Chevrolet of Ohio Sucks

Posted on Thursday, August 18th, 2011 at 7:58am CDT by 366175b8

Company: Pat O'Brien Chevrolet

Location: 2810 Bishop Road, Willoughby Hills
Oh, US


Category: Other

They quoted us a price over the phone on Wednesday, and we told them we would be in on Saturday. We then called Friday night, 30 minutes before they closed and they said they have our car in stock (he put us on hold and he walked out onto the lot and he said he put his eye on the car), and it would be here for us when we get there in the morning.

We show up on Saturday and they walk us around the lot "looking" for our car. The guy was like I cant seem to find it. So we go inside and they show us some paperwork, and the car they quoted us and told us was in stock was sold almost a week before. So they lied to get us in the door. They then said they would get us another car, same specs. Well it was the same specs, but it has a bunch of stuff we didn't need, and it was $2,000.00 more.

They do not have upfront price, they would not honor their over the phone pricing. They are liars and cheaters, and I would never buy a car form them again.

We tried to work with them to get the car they quoted, they said no. We even asked to talk to Pat Obrien and we where told by a manager that he doesn't do that. He doesn't do that? Its his company. he should be able to talk to the owner.

We tried to reason with the manager, but he would have nothing to do with it.

Do not buy from this company, they are cheaters and liars. That is no way to do business. Here is their locations and websites:

Pat O'Brien Chevrolet

3880 Pearl Road,

Medina, OH

2810 Bishop Road,

Willoughby Hills, OH

25100 Detroit Road,

Westlake, OH

4545 Liberty Ave.

Vermilion OH 44089


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