Trilegiant / Great Fun - Great Fun charged my checking account $12.99 without my permission for 2 years.

Posted on Thursday, August 18th, 2011 at 11:32pm CDT by d2bd3006

Product: Great Fun Memebership

Company: Trilegiant / Great Fun

Location: P.O. Box 41248
Nashville, TN, 37204-1248, US


Category: Other

Great Fun charged my checking account $12.99 without my permission for 2 years.

I called the number on my bank statement and told them "I'm calling regard to monthly charges you guys took from my checking account without my knowledge." The rep sounded very annoyed and asked me if I want to cancel the membership. I told her that's what I'm going to do for sure, but before that I need to know how they got my information and how many times they charged me blindly. She said when I used it offered me a free membership for GreatFun (or whatever... she spoke very quickly. I had to stop her at least 5 times to make her repeat what she was saying) and that was how they got my info. I'm 100% sure I didn't accept nor use that free membership (I didn't even know what 'Great Fun' was until I googled about it). She told me to fax a letter of refund request with my membership number (which I didn't even know I had), my name and number of refund that I'm requesting.

I'm going to fax the letter tomorrow and hope I will get the refund shortly.

But my heart is sinking as I'm very unhappy with how the rep treated me on the phone and of course I'm not happy at all about how I got charged for 2 years without my permission. Now I have to go through my bank statement all the time and make sure I didn't get charged for what I didn't get?

I want an official apology letter from the company's leadership to be posted on their websites (both Great Fun and Trilegiant) for at least for 6 months, and I want the letter to be sent to people who had to go through this. Plus I want Great Fun and Trilegiant to stop partnering with other sites and basically to stop this fraud program... Please earn your money honestly so you can feel proud of yourself. Please grow up in your heart and be a better company for people. Please.


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