Microsoft & AT&T - Multi Billion Dollar Companies Offer False Services

Posted on Wednesday, August 17th, 2011 at 1:41pm CDT by a1008e05

Product: Find My Phone & FamilyMap

Company: Microsoft & AT&T

Location: US

Category: Other

On August 15 my Windows 7 Phone (Service Provider AT&T) was stolen at Six Flags Great America. I was told by both AT&T and Microsoft when I purchased the phone about the "Find My Phone" Option with Microsoft that is included with the phone. After I got home I went to find my phone and it came up saying "We can't find your phone right now, but we'll keep trying.

If we locate it, we'll send an email."

I started chatting with a Microsoft representative and here's what she said

Stella: Welcome to Microsoft Customer Service Chat, Brian. Kindly give me a moment to review your question.

Stella: Thank you for waiting.

Stella: Could you please elaborate the issue you are facing?

Brian Blaha: I lost my LG Quantum C900 at Six Flags yesterday. I went to to track where it's at. I keep getting this message: We can't find your phone right now, but we'll keep trying. If we locate it, we'll send an email to [email protected] Can you please help me?

Stella: Okay.

Stella: I request you to please contact LG mobile manufacturer.

Brian Blaha: LG says they cannnot do it

Stella: I am sorry to know that.

Brian Blaha: I have been getting no where for the past couple of days

Brian Blaha: LG says they have nothing to do with the GPS built int

Brian Blaha: into the phone*

Stella: Okay.

Stella: I am sorry as Microsoft will not be able to help you with this.

Brian Blaha: How is Microsoft unable to help me with "Live"?

Stella: I hope this will be resolved soon. Thank you for using Microsoft Customer Service Chat. Please feel free to come back again. We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Have a great day.

Chat session has been terminated by the agent.

She just disconnected me without even trying. I then contacted the phone Manufacturer (LG Electronics), here's what he said

Jorge: Hello Guest. Welcome to LG Electronics! How may I provide you with excellent service today?

Guest: See your phone's approximate location on a map.

We can't find your phone right now, but we'll keep trying.

If we locate it, we'll send an email to [email protected]

Guest: I have the LG Quantum C900

Guest: Can you please help me track my phone. I have very personal business information on it.

Guest: Stella (from Microsoft): I request you to please contact LG mobile manufacturer.

Jorge: I really apologize that you are having this problem.

Jorge: I would be happy to help you with that.

Guest: Thank you

Jorge: Even if LG is the manufacturer of the phone we can not track your phone.

Jorge: That is against the privacy of the customer

Guest: Well I'm giving you permission to track my phone since I'm the customer.

Jorge: I totally understand that you are concerned about the information in the phone but we can not have a system that can track the phones because that is against the law.

Guest: Then why is there a system setup to track the LG Quantum C900 if it's against the law?

Jorge: Can you imaging what will happen if the customers realize that Lg know where they are all the time that you do not have privacy

Jorge: We do not have such system to track the phones

Jorge: Sorry.

Guest: Then what do I do to track my phone?

Guest: It doesn't make sense to have that feature but not be able to use it when the permission is given.

Guest: I'm not trying to argue with you but I have very important documents on that phone that I need and the reason I put it on there is I thought that I could trace it if it was ever misplaced so I would never lose it per say.

Jorge: I am sorry that you are having this inconvenience with the phone; unfortunately LG manufactures the phones as the service provider's request. LG will love to have all our customers satisfied with the products, however the service provider makes specific requests that we by contract have to comply with.

Jorge: WE are not the ones that will track the phone.

Jorge: WE do not have a system to track the phones.

Guest: Well since LG made the phones, who's responsibility should it fall under to track the phones when the customer is unable too?

Jorge: The police.

Jorge: The government

Jorge: The FBI

Jorge: The CIA

Jorge: Those are the only ones that can legally track a phone.

Guest: I talked with the Gurnee Police Dept

Guest: They even said they were unable to help me but they filed a police report.

Jorge: As much as I want to help you I do not have the resources or the tools to assist you in this issue

Jorge: Sorry.

Guest: Ok, thank you for your time.

Jorge: It has been a pleasure to assist you today. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again via Live Chat or phone at 18002430000. Thank you for choosing LG Electronics. We appreciate your business. Have a great day!

So now I'm asking myself, why do 3 multi billion dollar companies even make a cell phone with features when it doesn't even work?

So finally I contact Gurnee Police and here's what they said, "Sorry we cannot track a cell phone unless if someone is abducted or if someone is in personal harm."

So now I'm getting to the point where they want me to take matters into my own hands, yet I bet you I'll get in trouble for doing so.

Finally I'm stumbling around AT&T Wireless website to find my contacts and notify them not to contact me when I notice a feature called "FamilyMap" this feature will find my phone to a 0.5 mile radius of it's location. Why was I NOT notified of this by AT&T? So I add the feature for $9.99 a month today and it says that a temporary password will get sent to my phone and then you can activate the tracking device. So of course I cannot do that so I call AT&T Customer Service to help me and apparently they can ONLY send it to that cell phone, the multi billion dollar company cannot send a temporary password to an email address, how nice. So I ended up hanging up.

I looked at my 2nd phone I have in my pocket (which is on the family plan) and decided to try and send the text here to activate it, sure enough it worked. Why couldn't AT&T tell me to do that so I wouldn't have wasted even more time? I'm glad they are trained to know their service offerings. So now both of my phones are on the FamilyMap plan, but yet again my stolen phone cannot be traced, but my phone in my pocket can. I'm glad this service doesn't work or I wouldn't know what to do.

Now I'm left having to call pawn shops in the area of Albany Park in Chicago, IL to see if the person who stole my phone sold it (since there's where it was last traced). So now I'm left with three questions I'm asking myself, "Why couldn't AT&T tell me to go onto the Family Map and locate my phone when I called them up?" "Why isn't Microsoft's Find My Phone" Feature NOT work when you need it too?" "Why can't the police help track my phone when it is stolen? That's still a felony."

I want to make this store public to the media! I want the CEO of Microsoft and AT&T to know about this problem and I will NOT rest until this is resolved. Nobody else should ever have to go through what I am going through. Imagine if you're son or daughter is on the other side of this phone and nobody can help you find them?


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