Central Florida Investments, Inc. - Westgate Resorts (CFI)

Posted on Tuesday, August 16th, 2011 at 7:03pm CDT by 6969af5f

Product: Timeshare

Company: Central Florida Investments, Inc.

Location: 5601 Windhover Drive
Orlando, FL, 32819, US

URL: http://www.westgateresorts.com/

Category: Other

I had a transfer company submit a transfer request to a resort in order to transfer my timeshare out of my name.

Westgate has been sitting on the transfer request for over a year. My maintenance fees are due every other year and my timeshare is paid in full, so the year that I did not owe any fees at all, the request was submitted. Westgate will NOT cooperate.

Well, I think I know why. I contacted a different transfer company to see if they could transfer my timeshare. They wanted a fee of $3,600. After I stated I was not about to pay $3,600, I was told since the company has a contract with Westgate (they transfer 2 Westgate properties a week), they would transfer the timeshare for $2,400 - GUARANTEED. I'm guessing if you do not use a transfer company where Westgate gets a portion of the fee, they will NOT cooperate and release the transfer voucher. I tried giving the timeshare back to Westgate for $0. They would not accept it. Yet, they will not send my transfer company the transfer voucher in order to get the timeshare out of my name. I have placed several calls to their Name Change department and have yet to receive a response. I have left messages for Tiffany Chisolm and Rusty. Now, I'm in the year where maintenance fees are due and their Collections Department calls me EVERY week - at work and at home. I have told them each time that I am not paying Westgate one penny because they have been sitting on my transfer request for more than a year. Had they sent the transfer voucher, they would have had their maintenance fees from the new owner. They have no reason to not release the transfer voucher, my timeshare is paid in full.


6969af5f, 2012-02-22, 07:25PM CST

Still unresolved.

Eva C., 2013-04-12, 02:50PM CDT

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