Institute of Medical Education (IME) - The Institute of Medical Education (IME) is a SCAM so BEWARE!

Posted on Tuesday, August 16th, 2011 at 12:03am CDT by bbee9406

Product: Medical Vocational Education

Company: Institute of Medical Education (IME)

Location: 130 Almaden Blvd San Jose CA 95113
San Jose, Ca, 95113, US


Category: Other

I just want to warn people about Institute of Medical Education (AKA IME). My fianc went there for their LVN program and had nothing but problems. During the course of her training a laundry list of shoddy business practices arose - mainly misrepresentation and utter lack of professionalism. My fiance is more aware of ALL the issues she's faced (she is not one to publicly call someone out, but as you can see I am, and under these circumstances I felt any potential IME students should be forewarned), but I'll touch on the big issues.

First, the quality of the training is terrible - the labs are outdated, the instructors often had no lesson plan or seemed totally lost and ill prepared for the days lessons, and any issue that was brought up by my fiance about this was IGNORED by IME staff. Then after the laughable training was over and she was ready for her PROMISED and PAYED for EXTERNSHIP advertised at leading medical centers such as Kaiser, she is given an externship at a rundown nursing home. And to top it off, it took IME a YEAR and an HALF after she finished her training to get it.

I'll leave my rant at that, but I do recommend you do your research before considering IME. And a tip, check their Yelp reviews for how horrible they actually are - be sure to check the filtered reviews to see more consumer complaints. I also heard there are some pending student lawsuits against them, but I am not sure of the details.


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