Inflection - People Smart (PeopleSmart) Search Free Trial Scam

Posted on Monday, August 15th, 2011 at 5:21pm CDT by 48b853aa

Product: PeopleSmart.COM

Company: Inflection

Location: P.O. Box 391146
Omaha, NE, 68139, US


Category: Other

I agreed to a "free seven day trial." for the services offered, and per the Ts&Cs which I read (copied and saved), in advance, subscribed for the seven day trial which states specifically "Upon registering for your free trial, your payment source will be authorized for up to approximately one membership period of service. In some instances, your available balance or credit limit may be reduced to reflect the authorization; however, no charges will be made against the payment source unless you do not cancel prior to the end of your free trial membership period. We will begin billing your payment source for membership fees corresponding to your membership period at the end of your free trial unless you cancel prior to the end of your free trial." After making a single inquiry that revealed FAR LESS information than I had already found by running simple and FREE GOOGLE and YAHOO searches, I even ran an inquiry on myself to see if perhaps I was doing something wrong. Having found NO VALUE in the service, I canceled on-line within 60 minutes (obviously well within the seven day trial period), and received an immediate on-line cancellation confirmation, followed by an e-mail noting a $39.95 bill, which I presumed was a preauthorization that would be reversed. Instead it processed as a charge.

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83b0eeea, 2011-08-18, 02:13PM CDT

If you have any questions concerning billing please contact PeopleSmart at 1-888-813-0008.

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