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I had a warranty for my new washing and dryer that I purchased from HH Gregg Appliances in Huntsville, AL. I called for service on the washing machine. They gave me a 4 hour timeframe for the technician to arrive. The technician arrived and said he had to order a part.

We had issues receiving the part. Because I was out of town and UPS tried to deliver the part, my daughter took the receipt left by UPS to pick up the part. They REFUSED to give it to her because it was in my name and not hers. I had to have the part re-routed to a totally different address for someone else to receive, my daughter THEN had to spend gas money going on the other side of town to pick up the part.

The part finally arried and the technician returned a SECOND time to finish repairs. He said he made the repairs and then he left. My daughter loaded the washing machine and left for work. 8 1/2 hours later upon returning home my daughter found that the washing machine was STILL running. Water had been running for 8 1/2 hours . . . water that WE have to pay for. Electricity was being used by the washing machine running AND electricity was being used to heat the water and WE have to pay for this because the repairs weren't made properly.

I called A&E and informed them of these issues and I was told that I need to call the warranty company. I explained that we wanted an early morning service call and was told that they would document that information in the computer, yet we were given an AFTERNOON appointment. SIGH!!!!!

The technician is scheduled to come today, I called A&E 3 times today to find out where we are on the schedule . . . beginning, middle or end so that my daughter can let her employer know. (I AM STILL OUT OF TOWN ON BUSINESS) and this is the THIRD time a technician will be at the residence, due to the negligance and lack of training on their staff and they REFUSE to give me any information. I spoke with 3 different people today, including Ms. Nancy in the Esculation/ Client Actions Solutions Department and NO ONE AT THIS COMPANY IS WILLING TO HELP ME.

This is a RECALL, I should be accommodated with the time schedule because THIS IS AN ERROR ON PART OF THEIR TECHNICIAN. What in the world happened to CUSTOMER SERVICE?????


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