PearsonVue - PearsonVue does not honor contract

Posted on Thursday, August 11th, 2011 at 3:40pm CDT by 48761d4a

Product: 1Z0 -851 voucher

Company: PearsonVue

Location: 5601 Green Valley Dr Ste 220
Bloomington, MN, 554371186, US


Category: Other

By the time I bought a voucher for an Oracle exam, PearsonVue cleared stated that no penalty

fees would be applied whether candidates cancelled/rescheduled their exam date

one business day prior to their exams appointment. Otherwise, fees shoud be applied.

One business day before, more than 24 hours missing, I have tried several times to reschedule my

exam via website, without success. The system simply ignored my requests, as if it was already

within the 24 hours remaining(Now, in the FAQ section,they say that reschedules via website can

be done only prior to 48 hours - this was not valid when I bought the voucher, therefore not valid

for me. Moreover, they are unable to send an e-mail warning their customers about these late changes).

When I have contacted them by phone, less than 24 hours were remaining,

and, aware that I should pay taxes, tried once more to reschedule it. The attendant simply told me,

as we were already on the same day of the exam, there was nothing she could do and I would

lose all my money due no show.

Said that, I have tried several times, to contact them in order to be refunded. Phone calls

and e-mails, which are supposed to be answered in 72 hours, wew simply ignored.

I am here to complain against PearsonVue, which did not honor its contract with me,with the aggravating they did not even return my contact attempts.

I want my money back or to be able to reschedule my exam and will do anything to defend my rights as a consumer.


1be5294b, 2011-12-09, 11:56AM CST

ya dude this is me gokul .. this fucking guys just cheating us to get the money . they providing center authority for the damn fucking centers which doesn't hold any good facilities. while writing the exam today because of my test administrator i get failed in my ccna exam he doesn't know the rules and regulation of examination he wrongly advice me that am having review in ccna exam but it doesn't exist he telling me when he see that i get failed . also that news he got from somebody else.also there was a problem exist during the exam one simulation was not working properly i ask help with admin he just try out and moved to the next question with referring to anyone because of his mistake i loss my money, more than that my time and everything i get vexed today because of these guys .. this happen in Cegonsoft,ramnagar branch,coimbatore,tamilnadu,india

4c32298c, 2013-08-19, 06:03PM CDT

Pearson is super lazy @ doing their job so you'll need to research everything yourself, if you fail to do their job for them it will result in you losing your money and them ignoring you completely until you pay again, in which you will need to again do their job for them.

They're ripped me off 2x, and told me they'd be happy to fix if I repaid AGAIN and they would happily reschedule if anything which is COMPLETE Bullshit. These Centers need to be regulated and the company itself needs a policy because there are NONE in place other than, KEEP PAYING US AND WE"LL EVENTUALLY DO OUR JOB.

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