EP Premium Incentives - EP Premium Incentives Inc. Rip Off

Posted on Thursday, August 11th, 2011 at 5:45pm CDT by 840ec2fa

Product: 3 day 2 night vacation

Company: EP Premium Incentives

Location: 20825 State Route 410 East #380


Category: Other

To Whom It May Concern: I would like to register a complaint about EP Premiums & Incentives, Inc. business practices. If this is not the correct address, please forward. In March 2011 I paid a representative of EP Premiums & Incentives, Inc. over the phone the amount of $49.00 to cover a three day two night vacation. A few days later I received a call from a representative asking me where I wanted to take my vacation. I asked if I had to make a choice right then in which I was told no. The male representative then told me that he would be sending me out some information which I NEVER received. This happened twice. I have since been trying to contact the office at 253-862-2954. I constantly get am answering machine stating the office hours are Monday through Thursday from 10 am - 3pm Pacific Standard time. Although I have continuously called during those times I keep gettin the answering service and also leaving messages. No one has returned my calls until today August 11, 2011 at 12 noon from a private number after leaving a message that I would be contacting an attorney as well as the BBB. The woman on the other end of the phone claimed that she had no knowledge of me ever having dealt with the company, although my bank statement clearly shows their company having debited from my account. She told me that I would need to fax a copy of my statement in to her so that her corporate office could handle the situation. I asked her to email me her fax number since I was not in my office. She agreed. Upon returning to my office after about fifteen minutes I learned that she had not emailed me. I then tried calling the office again which there was no answer. I tried back about ten minutes later no answer. I did this until 3 o'clock but still no answer and no call back. This company is clearly a SCAM and I wouldn't advise anyone to do business with them!


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f14186ce, 2012-09-25, 01:18PM CDT

I just won a 7 night vacation in Hawaii (4 nights in Oahu and 3 on the big Island) I have read many complaints about Premium Travel and want to know if anyone has actually received a travel package from them that they have taken and if so how was it??

nikki k., 2012-12-30, 04:16PM CST

Did u ever go? I just won seven day hawaii tripand am nervous now. Plz tell me what happened.

nikki k., 2012-12-30, 04:30PM CST

Anyone ever win this trip oahu aand big island and actually go??

f14186ce, 2012-12-31, 06:34PM CST

I also won the same 7 night Hawaii trip and after alot of investigation and reading reviews I have decided to take my money and go to Jamaica. I wrote an email to the commerce where EP Premium travel is located and they returned an email stating that this Co., doesn't even own a business front but operate out of a post offic box. I had sent everything to them certified mail knowing how long they had to return my "Pre-confirmation" to me. Well that day came and went and I finally sent them an email asking why I hadn't heard from them. On Friday (which they are not open) I recieved an email stating they would look into it on Monday and get back to me. Never heard back from them on Monday but Wednesday I recieved the "pre-confirmation" in the mail that was printed, and mailed on Saturday (which they are not open). They chose our later date for March which is the most expensive flight for the Companion airfare. In the pre-confirmation letter it states that you have to do your final confirnation within 28-35 days prior to your flight. You will then recieve your place to stay in the mail by 14 days before travel. Also the companion airfare is TOTALLY non-refundable and I will have 1 day to book my flight if I wait for my room reservations. This place IS TOTALLY a scam and I believe because your flights are non-refundable, that is where they get there money. Once they get your money they have your number and caller-id. Also if you check flight prices, you might save yourself about $50 so it is not a free ticket.

73f3a3c9, 2014-10-22, 12:17PM CDT

We also won the 7 night Hawaiian vacation.

A charge has appeared on our credit card for the final confirmation fees/ taxes etc...

Now when we call EPTravel we get a recorded message telling us they have filed for bankruptcy. We have contacted the hotels in Hawaii directly and they have NO record of our reservation! PLEASE JUST WALK AWAY FROM THESE GUYS!

Kim M., 2014-12-09, 06:32PM CST

I won the Island to Island Hawaiian Getaway in a drawing. I mailed my $24.95 check for processing to the address printed on the flyer I received. It was to the Bonney, Lake, WA address. It was returned to sender as undeliverable. I got on the internet and found the address and it was in Auburn, WA. I sent the flyer and check off again. I just received it back in the mail simply as "return to sender." It was printed on a sticker that covered the address. It was not put on by the post office. Their web address is now up for sale. I'm glad I didn't give a credit card number like other did. What a joke. FYI, the two addresses were: 1402 Lake Ta[[s Pkwy SE, Suite 104 #278, Auburn, WA 98092-8157 and 20825 State Route 410 East #278, Bonney Lake, WA 98391.

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